If you value the free 2GB of storage more than anything else, you may be satisfied with this app--but the Photoshop brand implies editing features that this program does not even begin to approach.

on Mobile

This app will keep you updated with news about the World Cup soccer games, but it offers no audio or video coverage.



ZumoDrive for Android provides a decent set of features to extend the functionality of this online backup and file-sharing service, but it lacks features found in the desktop client and Web interface.

Qik Video

Qik Video is a good way to live-stream video when you have a good data connection, but it has some annoying configuration and sharing bugs.

Deals of the Week

This week we show you where to save on a laptop, a portable HD movie player, a digital photo frame, and some cool smartphones.


Ubuntu 10.04 Upgrade: Best Practices Checklist

Ubuntu 10.04 is an easy-to-use Linux operating system that "just works."


BOKU Announces In-App Mobile Payments for Android

BOKU's Paymo service allows developers to easily incorporate an payment API into Android apps.


Layar Reality Browser

This augmented-reality app is fun, useful for local search and just plain cool.

10 Geeky Tees

These T-shirts are so geeky they're cool. Or so cool they're geeky. Or something.

The Best Android Smartphones Out Now

The Droid Incredible, the Google Nexus One, and other Android-based smartphones are strong competitors to Apple's iPhone. Let's check them out.


T-Mobile Garminfone Smartphone Features Maps, GPS, Voice Navigation, Android

T-Mobile and GPS maker Garmin will offer an Android 1.6 smartphone that comes with voice-activated, turn-by-turn navigation and a car mount.


Sprint Offers Samsung Seek Phone for Social Networkers

The Seek features a slide-out keyboard, native support for Facebook and comes in eco-friendly packaging.