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ROM Manager Helps You Take Control of Your Rooted Android Phone

Easily back up and install custom ROMs on your rooted Android device.


Rendezvous App Review: A Must-Have for Meetup Fanatics

View and manage your Meetup Group events.


LinkedIn Android App Won't Make You Feel Left Out

Browse and connect with your professional network, and send messages and status updates with this simple app.


Stop Android Malware With AVG Anti-Virus Free

Protect your phone from malware, back up your data, or track and remote-wipe your handset if you lose it.


Customize Your Android Smartphone With ADW Launcher

This home-screen replacement lets you customize your home screen and app launchers.


Smartphone Spying Reality Check

Yes, your smartphone is spying on you. The real question is, should you care?


12 Awesome iPad Apps for Road Warriors

Here are a dozen powerful apps that can keep you in business on your Apple iPad, no matter where you work.

Make a Bang With Splode on Android

Splode is addictive fun, but it can get repetitive after a while.


Is the BlackBerry Playbook the Right Tablet for Small Businesses?

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect business tablet and hoped the Playbook would be the answer, you should probably keep waiting--even if you just end up waiting for a later Playbook.

Google Launches Three New Android Features For Business

Android continues its push into the business world with three new updates for its business and education portfolios.

RIM Launches BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing

A new app from RIM aims to make conference calling a breeze for business users.

Pump Up Your Jams With PowerAMP for Android

For audiophiles who want to use obscure formats, it’s a must-have.


Google Reader for Android Helps You Keep Up With RSS Feeds

If you already use Google Reader, grabbing this app is a no-brainer. In fact, in some ways it’s better than its Web-based sibling.


Hang On to Your Marbles: Bonsai Blast for Android Is Hours of Fun

Move over, Zuma. Bonsai Blast is an addictive puzzle/action game.


LG Announces Its Wireless Charging Pad for Mobile Phones

The WCP-700 wireless charging station is expected in April, priced at about $70. The company did not say if it would work with older phones or just newer ones.