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The Best Mobile Camera Apps

The cameras on mobile phones may not be anything to write home about, but these new photo apps and the filters they provide can help you take great pictures even on a cell phone from last season.

Have Fun Learning Anatomy With Speed Anatomy for Android

This addictive and educational game challenges your knowledge of human anatomy.


Periodic Table Droid Helps You Learn Chemistry

If you want to learn more about Chemistry, this app provides a wealth of detail about the Periodic Table, atomic elements and their properties.


Back Up Your Android Phone With MyBackup Pro

Back up and restore your phone apps and data in the cloud or on your SD card with this handy utility.


Explore the Red Planet With the Mars Map Android App

This app is nothing short of amazing.


Google Android Power Tips: Master Froyo and Gingerbread

Have an Android phone that's rocking the Froyo or Gingerbread OS? We'll show you where all the sweetest tidbits are with these 31 power tips.

Explore the Moon With Moon Maps

Take a close-up look at the moon with this app.


eBuddy Messenger Helps You Stay Connected With All Your IM Services

Use this app to stay logged into multiple instant messaging services including Facebook, GTalk, AIM, and Yahoo.


Posterous: A Simple Blogging App for Android

You can post text, photos, and video to your Posterous blog with this easy-to-use app, but you'll still need to configure some advanced settings in a desktop Web browser.


Sync Your Bookmarks With Xmarks for Premium Customers

This useful app keeps bookmarks and tabs from your desktop browsers in line with those of your phone.


Find the Latest and Greatest Apps With AppAware

Discover, install, tag, and share the hottest Android apps using the wisdom of the crowd.


Smartphone Security: How to Keep Your Handset Safe

As smartphones grow more powerful than the PCs we used just a decade ago, they increasingly become the target of scam artists. Here's how to beef up security for your iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows handset.

Google Books: A Library on Your Android Phone

With this app you can purchase and read new e-books or browse a multitude of free, expired-copyright classics.


Piscel Smart Office: A Mobile Office Suite App for Android

This app can view and edit many common office file types, but an awkward interface hampers its editing capability.


OliveOffice: A Mediocre Office App That leaves You Wanting More

This office document viewer lacks key functionality, making it less attractive than its competitors.