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Pixelpipe Post & Upload HD

This social networking power tool can simultaneously post status updates, photos, video and files to a multitude of services, saving you precious time.

Gentle Alarm

If you’re willing to spend a while getting to know the app, and you're careful in setting your wake-up times, this is a fantastic tool.

Fruit Ninja

If you want a quick, casual distraction, Fruit Ninja fits the bill nicely.


Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a fun, challenging, and addictive game. If that's what you've been looking for, be sure to snatch it up.


This app claims to post text and photos to multiple social networks, but it fails to work as advertised.


Samsung Continuum for Verizon: First Impressions (and Video!)

If you like to be constantly connected to your social networks and news feeds, the Samsung Continuum might be the perfect phone. But be warned: the Contiuum doesn't ship with the most current version of Android and updates may be delayed.



Become a social networking power user with an app that lets you post status updates, links, and photos to multiple or individual social networks with just the press of a button.



This beta app lets you post text and images to your Posterous blog, but it crashes frequently and is recommended only for users who are willing to help the developer with bug reports and feature requests.


Relief Central

This free app is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about the nations of the world.



Use this app to remotely lock and track your lost phone, as well as to back up, wipe, and restore some of your private data.


LastPass for Premium Customers

This app is so-so if you already have a Premium account with the LastPass password sync service, but otherwise it provides little incentive to upgrade.


LastPass for Dolphin HD

This app provides a limited but useful subset of functionality to LastPass Premium password sync service subscribers.


Watchdog Task Manager

Utility takes a delicate approach to app process management, without mucking up your phone's system.


UltraChron Stopwatch & Timer

This voice-enabled stopwatch and timer app is feature-rich and intuitive to use.


SwiftKey Keyboard

This app boosts typing speed and accuracy by predicting text.