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Brian Beam is a software designer and database/system administrator at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and the owner of web development firm CommandB .

DocAS for iPad

As a basic PDF reader and editor, this app is acceptable, provided you're not picky about your user experience. But rival apps handle the job better.

Remarks for iPad

This PDF reader and annotation app for the iPad is good for making quick notations on a PDF, and it's a decent note-taker as well. That said, a few additions would make a good app oh so much better.

1Password and 1Password Pro for IPhone

It seems like many of the Websites I visit these days request a login. Whether it's online banking, Twitter, Facebook, or a blog site, everyone wants a username...


Barcodescan Pro for IPhone

Judging by their growing presence in the App Store, it's clear that barcode scanning apps have struck a nerve with some iPhone users. I recently reviewed...


Moodagent for IPhone

I have quite a range of music on my iPhone, but often, I can fall into a rut and listen to the same set of songs over and over. Sometimes I need some motivation...


LyricFind Pro and LyricFind Lite for IPhone

Lately I've been searching for the ultimate lyrics app for my iPhone. I've looked at quite a few, including the free LyricFind Lite and the $3 LyricFind Pro, and...


Yoritsuki for IPhone

I love all things Japanese, so I'm a sucker for Japanese-themed apps such as Yoritsuki from Hybridworks. In case you're curious about the name, Yoritsuki is a...


TextExpander for IPhone

One program that I find indispensable on my Mac is SmileOnMyMac's TextExpander. It lets me define text snippets, such as e-mail signatures, programming code, and...


I Am T-Pain for IPhone

Not to contradict the name of this app from Smule, but let me begin by saying that I am not T-Pain. In fact, until this app came onto my radar, this classic...


Camena--Song Lyrics for IPhone

As a kid I remember many times, sitting by the radio, writing down the lyrics to my favorite songs. As an adult, when music lyric sites began to spring up on the...


LogMeIn Ignition for IPhone

One of my jobs as a web developer involves managing a rack of Linux, Mac, and Windows servers. Over the years, I've used various remote access programs, such as...


TweetTheBeat for IPhone

Some of the music I love the best I stumbled upon completely by chance. Nowadays there are various ways to discover new music, but, as a self-declared...


RedLaser for IPhone

I can't remember the last time I had this much fun on my iPhone. No, I wasn't making music or playing a game. I was scanning barcodes with Occiptal's app...


AppBox Pro for IPhone

Almost immediately upon opening its virtual doors in July 2008, the App Store found itself flooded with all sorts of simple utilities--flashlights, tip...