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Prognosis for Medical Apps Is Guarded

In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the humanoid crew members of the Enterprise wore little boxes near the waistlines of their pajama-like uniforms.

Happy Birthday, Linux: Raise a Glass

Analysis: Linux is turning 21. It's time to break out the good stuff.

How to Make the Switch to Internet TV

You may have pondered the notion of dropping your cable TV service in favor of obtaining all of your TV through Internet-based services. Here's what you should consider before you do.


The Nontrackable Cashless Future Isn't Here Yet -- But It's Within Reach

As debit, pre-charged, and credit card transactions become more and more ubiquitous, it's worth exploring the question: what would a cashless society technologically look like?

Software Options for Project Managers That Offer Efficiency and Affordability

These tools help project managers create start-to-finish platforms that project participants can use to share information, documents, and task assignments easily.