Free BlueStacks App Player Runs Android Applications On Your Windows PC

Make Android apps work on your Windows PC with BlueStacks Player App.

AMD's Bulldozer Disappoints: Why That's Good News

AMD’s FX platform may not have gotten stellar marks in PCWorld's initial performance tests, but the upside may come later.

The BlackBerry Outage Spreads: A Nail in RIM's Coffin?

The BlackBerry outage that has moved from Africa and Europe to the Americas could lead millions of previous loyal users to defect.

RemoteLink App Finds an Address, Sends It to Your Car

GM OnStar’s RemoteLink app lets you upload destinations to your car directly from a smartphone.

Why Employees Should Surf the Web at Work

Want to work better and feel more mentally refreshed at the office? Then keep surfing the Web and browsing articles from your desk.

Why Your Business Should Worry About the ISP Copyright Fight

ISPs will soon begin sending notices to subscribers whom entertainment companies accuse of illegally sharing and downloading files. Small businesses should take heed.

No More Downtime: Is 'Always On' A Bad Thing?

The vast majority of mobile workers check their smart phones during their downtime as work and home life continue to converge, a study says. But why shouldn't we go in that direction?

Is All Mobile Technology in the Car Dangerous?

BMW has launched a media campaign to build awareness about the hazards of driver distraction and texting behind the wheel. At the same time, it seeks to integrate more mobile tech into its vehicles.

What Your Business Can Expect on World IPv6 Day

The World IPv6 Day trial this Wednesday will serve as a test case for when the Internet runs out of IPv4 addresses next year.

BlueStacks Merges Android and Windows

BlueStacks lets you run Android apps on Windows PCs and tablets.

Tell Your Boss: Play Video Games, Work Smarter

Why not get paid for playing Warcraft? Playing video games boosts your mental acumen in a number of ways, studies show.

Intel’s 3D CPUs: Watch for Powerful, Low-Power Mobile Devices

Intel says its new transistor design is the biggest development in the history of the semiconductor industry since the invention of the transistor over five decades ago.

Why Dropbox’s Privacy Policy Is OK (Just Proceed Carefully)

Dropbox's data-sharing policy isn't something to get worked up about, but you'd be wise to think twice before storing sensitive data there.

Toshiba Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Has Promise

Toshiba’s self-encrypting hard drive offers robust security features, yet it may be overkill for small businesses.

Look Out for the 256GB Thumb Drive and the 128GB Tablet

Intel and Micron have announced advances in memory technology that should double flash memory capacities in a range of devices including thumb drives and smartphones.