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While it claims its roots in dorm rooms, Facebook has become a diverse place, like it or not.

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Gmail vs. Traditional E-Mail: Savings Adding Up

A new Forrester report reveals how much cheaper Web-based e-mail such as Google's Gmail is in comparison to traditional e-mail.

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In a bad economy, job hunting is even more challenging. Using LinkedIn, you can boost your search and connect with contacts who might help you land a new gig.

Seven Tips to Success with a Corporate Wiki

Expert suggestions on what it takes to pick a wiki that's just right for you and your company, both from a technical and end-user perspective.

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Facebook Etiquette: Five Dos and Don'ts

Social networking tools can provide a professional boost, as long as you behave yourself online and use the site effectively.

Microsoft Moves Closer to Cloud Computing

Microsoft's decision to sell online versions of Exchange and SharePoint products underscores the industry's shift towards cloud computing.

A Guide to LinkedIn's Free New Apps

Here's an introduction to four of the first nine free applications available on the social networking site.

How Obama Will Use Web 2.0 For Change

Web 2.0 technologies played a role in the president-elect's campaign, and watchers expect more in the years ahead.

Facebook and Twitter: Growth Is Goal

Executives from Facebook and Twitter told Web 2.0 Summit attendees they were focused on growth and helping their users--rather than making money--despite the faltering economy.

Nine Web 2.0 Startups Beating The Odds in Down Economy

Find out how these companies managed to receive funding and launch a successful start-up company.