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Facebook Tip: Damage Control for Unwanted Photos

While it's easy to control what information ends up on your Facebook profile, you can't control someone from posting a photo of you (even the not so flattering ones). In this Facebook tip of the week, we look at how you can minimize the damage.

LinkedIn: The Network Effect Revisited

You've signed up for LinkedIn, because everyone says it's the primary business social network. But to whom should you connect? According to a few power users, there are a few common approaches, most of which are different than what you'd do on Facebook.

Wikis Usurp Corporate Intranets

Businesses are finding that collaboration and communication come easier with a wiki.

Socialtext 3.0 Brings Facebook, Twitter to Enterprise

Socialtext, a Palo Alto company that made its mark building wikis for the enterprise, has added a social networking application for businesses and a microblogging tool akin to Twitter.

How to Migrate from Picasa to Facebook

Take advantage of Facebook's robust image-sharing system and use your Gmail to make the move.

Fighting Government Waste With Google Apps

The Washington D.C. government is migrating its 38,000 employees over to Gmail and Google Apps, which it plans to use for document sharing, spreadsheets and as a wiki. Here's a look at how and why, from cost to continuity.

How Businesses Can Benefit From Social Networking

AMR Research analyst Jonathan Yarmis gives perspective on the milestones and minefields of social networking.

Microblogging Goes to Work

Four ways corporations are using Twitter to build community, provide service, and boost their public profiles.

Four Free Wikis You Should Try

Several free Web 2.0 offerings help users new to wikis get acquainted without installing client software.

Four Free Wikis Worth Trying

Wikis let users share information with one another in a central site. People can share text, articles, spreadsheets, videos, and RSS feeds with fellow collaborators. Here are four free wiki applications that are easy to test-drive to see whether a wiki would be useful to your business.

Why SaaS Could Make Your IT Skills Irrelevant

The rapid adoption of software as a service is fundamentally changing the makeup of today's IT departments. The infantry of software developers, maintenance and support pros now taking care of on-premise software must garner new skills to stay viable, industry experts warn.

SaaS Advantages: App Integration and Saving Money

While many companies have dabbled with adopting software as a service, one CIO at an open-source database vendor has taken the plunge. "On premise" software applications have become a thing of the past.

Google Adds Features to Enterprise Search Appliance

An upgrade to the business box supports indexing 10 million documents.

SaaS Mashup Aids Hospitals During Hurricanes

Using SaaS apps such as Google Maps and Salesforce.com, the Schumacher Group, which provides staffing to hospitals in the south and Gulf of Mexico regions, has built a mashup that shows the likely location of both on-duty and off-duty physicians, and where they are in relation to hurricanes.

Enterprise Web 2.0 Adoption Still Growing

The adoption of enterprise Web 2.0 technologies, often referred to as Enterprise 2.0, has grown since last year, an annual McKinsey report says. But barriers remain, including justifying a return on investment to executives who allocate the money for Web 2.0 tools.