C.G. LynchCIO

Zoho: Strategies for a Potential Giant-Killer

Zoho, a software company started in 2005, has built applications that compete with Google and even Microsoft. The vendor believes it can stay in the game by having a quick development cycle that adds new features to their products faster than the big guys.

SharePoint Helps Insurer Avoid Risks

Allied North America, an insurer for construction firms, says its customer portal built using Microsoft SharePoint helps track construction site activities and analyze data to reduce risks for its clients.

Microsoft Embracing On-Demand Software Model

Microsoft has begun offering SaaS versions of its products. That's good news for CIOs who want predictable costs for maintenance and support, a Gartner analyst says.

Forrester: IT Leads Web 2.0 Movement in Enterprise

IT has begun to take a leadership role in the enterprise adoption of Web 2.0 technologies, report says.

Customers Unimpressed by Corporate Blogs

Most business blogs fail to engage customers, who regard them as a corporate mouthpiece, Forrester researchers say.

Real Estate Firm Implements Zimbra For All Its Agents

The CIO of Zip Realty talks about embedding Zimbra on top of his homegrown CRM system, and how agents have been able to customize their email and calendars with Web 2.0 features such as tagging.