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Next-gen servers are the next big thing for small business

'Next-gen' servers are greener in more ways than one, as they save energy and reduce business expenses.

Maybe It Is Easy Being Green

IT professionals implementing energy efficient solutions in the data center are realizing big savings, and many report it has been easier to do than they thought it would be.

Into the Cloud -- Securely

Cloud adoption is growing, but key security opportunities are often overlooked.

As Cyberattacks Grow, Take Security Seriously

No company wants to be the subject of the next headline about a cybersecurity attack or critical data loss.

Easing the Juggling Act With Client Virtualization

Client virtualization can be efficient and offer greater flexibility to your workers, but it can also be complex to implement.

Avoiding Data Loss Is Easier Than You Think

Most organizations believe they aren't in danger of losing data, but as recent news demonstrates, the threat is real and no organization is immune.

Outlook Improves For Small Business Sector

With the ink still damp on the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, small business owners are already feeling more confident as this difficult year draws to a close.

The ABCs of VoIP

Here are three steps for small and midsized businesses who consider upgrading from a PBX phone system to Voice-over IP.

Simple Steps to Take for Smart IT Investments

Spending on IT is expected to ramp up in the second half of the year. Here are tips to consider before leaping to make new purchases.