Twitter Suffers Malware Spam Outbreak

A widespread spam attack linking to malware has broken out on Twitter, according to the security firm Sophos.

Google Failed to Delete All Street View Data in UK

Google disclosed Friday in an email to the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office that it had not yet deleted all user data collected by its Street View...

Facebook Boosts Revenue by 32 Percent in First Public Financial Report

UPDATE: In its first quarter as a publicly traded company, Facebook had revenues of $1.18 billion and lost $157 million, topping analysts' expectations slightly.

Facebook Says Mobile Ads Successful, but Analysts Say Challenges Remain

Facebook seemed to answer at least one burning question about its mobile business on Thursday -- it doesn't plan to build its own smartphone -- but it's still...

Online Socializing Preferred by 40 Percent in U.S. Poll

Forty percent of all Americans said they feel more comfortable interacting online than in person, according to a study released Thursday by digital marketing...

BitTorrent Looks to Share Some Revenue With Artists

The file-sharing company BitTorrent has begun testing an advertising model through which it would share ad revenue with content producers.



Google and EU Reportedly Poised to Settle Antitrust Investigation

Google and the European Commission appear close to a settlement that would end the Commission's investigation of the American Internet giant for potential violations of European antitrust regulations.

SmartAsset Delivers Home-buying Decision Tool

SmartAsset launched on Tuesday a home-buying decision-making tool that it claims will deliver significantly more personalized advice than existing online...

Amazon Offers to Pay Vocational Training for Warehouse Staff

Amazon is offering to cover 95 percent of the cost of vocational training courses to help its warehouse staff pursue jobs in other careers, including many that...