Google Adds New Options for Viewing Data in Fusion Tables

Google is trying to popularize the somewhat obscure art of data visualization.

Google Profit Soars, but Key Metric Declines

UPDATE: The average "cost per click" paid by advertisers declined for the second quarter, and Google announces a stock split.

Microsoft to Start Charging for Bing Search API

Microsoft will begin charging developers to use the API (application programming interface) for its Bing search engine, the company announced Thursday.

Google+ Update Irks Developers

When Google rolled out significant changes to Google+ on Wednesday, it did so without first warning developers on the platform.

Google+ Gets a Facelift

Google+ began rolling out a redesign on Wednesday that it hopes will make the social platform "easier to use and nicer to look at," according to a blog post.

EFF Heading to Court to Help Recover Megaupload Files

The Electronic Frontier Foundation will head to court on Friday to push the federal government to establish a process that will enable law-abiding Megaupload...

Google Chrome Browser Tabs Can Travel From Device to Device

Tabs opened in the Google Chrome browser will soon travel with the user to other devices so long as the user is signed in, according to a company blog post.

Detroit Makes Pitch for Ousted Yahoo Employees

Quicken Loans and two affiliated Detroit venture capital firms have issued a call for the roughly 2,000 Yahoo employees who received pink slips last week to move...

Feminist Group Pushes Facebook to Appoint Female Board Member

The online feminist group Ultraviolet launched a petition on Thursday demanding that Facebook appoint a woman to its all-male board before it becomes a publicly...

Open-source Data Mapping Tool CartoDB Provides Customizable Views

Vizzuality launched an open-source data-mapping tool CartoDB this week, promising an easy and customizable way for users to display their geospatial data.

Study: Geolocation Apps Draw Users, Despite Privacy Concerns

Nearly 60 percent of smartphone users employ apps that access their location data despite having concerns about risks to their privacy and even personal safety...

'Girls Around Me' Shows a Dark Side of Social Networks

The makers of the mobile app Girls Around Me came under fire Monday for helping men to "stalk" unsuspecting women, but the incident also reveals how much we...

Yahoo Serves Mojito for Web App Development

Yahoo on Monday released an open-source Web application framework called Mojito that aims to make it faster for developers to write apps that can run on all...

Bump Pay Will Let Users Exchange Money by Bumping Smartphones

Bump Labs threw its hat into the crowded mobile payments ring with an app that allows people to exchange money by tapping their phones together.

EBay Taps Mobile Payments Innovator David Marcus for PayPal President

EBay has tapped David Marcus to replace Scott Thompson as president of PayPal effective April 2, the company announced Thursday.