Google Ads Chief: Personalization Is the Company's Next Big Thing

Google's top advertising executive, Susan Wojcicki, said on Wednesday that Google's biggest innovations over the next several years will be in personalized...

Mobile Data Privacy Is Terra Incognita to Users and Developers

The rapidly growing mobile space is still the Wild West, with an almost endless landscape of privacy pitfalls that challenge even the most vigilant consumer.

Luminate Looks to Revolutionize the Image With a New App Store for Image Apps

Luminate announced Thursday the launch of a store for apps that enable users to interact directly with images, in a move meant to bring JPEG and other graphic...

Mobile App Stores to Require, Disclose Privacy Policies

Apple, Google and other mobile platform providers will present privacy policies for all the apps offered in their stores as part of an agreement with the state...

Apple's Mountain Lion Share Menu Lacks Facebook Option

Apple's new Mountain Lion OS, which was previewed Thursday, includes a sharing feature readily available in most apps -- but users can't use the menu to share...

Yahoo Faces Board Challenge From Activist Shareholder

Activist Yahoo shareholder Daniel Loeb has rejected the slate of board candidates put forth by the company's newly minted CEO, serving notice of his intention to...

YouTube App for Google TV to Get More Functionality

Google announced Sunday that it would add functionality to the YouTube experience on Google TV, including complete channel pages and the ability to browse by...


Google Abandons Big, Black Drop-down Menu

UPDATE: The chunky, black drop-down menu of Google services was an attempt to integrate Google+ across all Google apps, but it's being redesigned.

Crowd-funding Site Offers Open Alternative to Kickstarter

Crowd-funding website Crowdtilt officially launched on Friday, expanding upon the collective fundraising model pioneered by Kickstarter to enable raising money...

Google to Pay Users to Track Their Movements Online

Amid widespread concern about its new privacy policies, Google is now facing criticism over an offer to give users Amazon gift certificates if they open their Web movements to the company in a program called Screenwise.

Greenpeace Scorecard Documents Greener Enterprise Offerings

Technology companies are not just making their products less carbon-intensive; they are also increasingly designing products to improve energy efficiency in the...

Yahoo Ousts Half Its Board

As part of an ongoing effort to recover from a downward spiral, Yahoo said on Tuesday that four board members, including its chairman, will step down.

Facebook Malware Scam Takes Hold

A "worrying number" of Facebook users are sharing a link to a malware-laden fake CNN news page reporting the U.S. has attacked Iran and Saudi Arabia, security firm Sophos said Friday.

Facebook IPO Filing Addresses Mobile, E-commerce

Facebook's application Wednesday to sell shares on the open market includes hints about its plans for mobile use and online payments, and reveals previously...


What Facebook's IPO Means for Users

Facebook's decision to become a public company is seen as a bellwether for Web 2.0 stock offerings, but what will it mean for the social networking giant's 800 million users, and for the companies that build third-party apps for the site?