ComScore: Samsung Top in Mobile Phones, Android in Mobile Platforms in US

Samsung and Google dominate the U.S. markets in mobile phones and smartphone operating systems, respectively, according to new data from the analytics company...

Has Google Done Enough to Keep Android Phones Up-to-date?

Jelly Bean? Most Android devices are still running Gingerbread! Android fragmentation reaches new levels.

Google Makes Small Changes to Google+ but Shows Social Skills Elsewhere

Reports of the demise of Google+ have been widely exaggerated, Vic Gundotra seemed to suggest on Thursday morning at Google I/O when he said that the social...

Google Announces Google Drive for iOS and Offline Editing for Google Docs

A version of Chrome for iOS also was announced during the second day keynote for the company's Google I/O conference.

Enterprise Collaboration App Earns Google's Spotlight

How do you get your Google+ app featured at Google's blockbuster I/O conference? According to Bjorn Haugland, the CEO of Symphonical, you just invite product...

Google Wallet Launches Support for Subscriptions

Google Wallet launched support for recurring subscription payments and has begun automatically assigning the lower of two fees for processing payments, Pali...

Google to Give All I/O Attendees a Tablet, Phone and Q Cloud Streaming Device

It's hard to one-up skydivers flying into a tech conference while being live-streamed through Google's computerized glasses. But Google's Vic Gundotra might have...

Will the Nexus Q Be Google's Key to Developers' Hearts?

Google announced a consumer media-streaming device it calls the Nexus Q at its I/O conference, taking the fight to Apple, which has largely dominated the...

Zynga to Roll out Unified Gaming Platform, Multiplayer Gaming

Zynga announced Tuesday that it would build a social gaming network that provides a more unified gaming experience, whether players are on Facebook, or on iOS or Android devices.

Google Will Have to Defend Android at I/O Conference

As Google ramps up for its big I/O conference in San Francisco this week, analysts say the company must continue to prove the value of its Android operating...

Facebook Ventures Into Social Discovery With Find Friends Nearby

Facebook is testing a mobile-only feature, called Find Friends Nearby, that allows users to connect with new social contacts based on who is nearby and using a...

Twitter Struggles With Hours-Long Outage

Twitter struggled with service disruptions Thursday morning Pacific time, although its status blog at one point said that the outage had been resolved.

Bitcasa Cloud Service Launches Public Beta

Bitcasa, a consumer cloud services startup, launched a public beta of its unlimited cloud storage service on Wednesday.

Facebook Will Allow App Developers to Offer Subscriptions

Facebook said on Tuesday that it would begin allowing app developers on its platform to charge users for subscriptions but would require them to stop using...

LinkedIn Hit With Lawsuit Over Massive Data Breach

LinkedIn has been hit with a potential class-action lawsuit alleging it failed to meet "industry standard" security practices.