Foursquare Launches Major App Redesign

The redesign incorporates features from social discovery and local search applications, as well as the "like" feature made famous by Facebook.

Spammers Tune Their Game to Stay Ahead of Filters and Law Enforcement

When Microsoft slayed the notorious botnet Rustock, which had been sending as much as 40 percent of all spam worldwide, in March 2011, it forced the volume of...

User Vote on Facebook Privacy Policies Hasn't Stemmed Criticism

Facebook is conducting a massive user referendum this week, asking its 900 million-plus users to approve or reject changes to its privacy policy that it first...

Mobile Wallet Systems Could Hurt Brick-and-mortar Banks, Survey Suggests

U.S. financial institutions face a serious competitive threat from the rise of mobile wallet payments apps, according to a consumer study released Monday by...

Menlo Park City Council Advances Facebook Expansion Plans

The Menlo Park, California, city council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve Facebook's plan to expand its headquarters in the city, pending a final...

Nearly a Fifth of U.S. PCs Have No Antivirus Protection, McAfee Finds

A McAfee study of PCs around the world found that 17 percent had no antivirus protection, and the U.S. outpaced the average with 19 percent of PCs unprotected.

Rumored Facebook Purchase of Spotlights Facial Recognition Technology

Whether or not Facebook acquires facial recognition services provider, as rumors say it will, the persistence of the speculation calls attention to the...

Facebook Beefs up Mobile Photo Sharing With Camera

Facebook introduced its own mobile photo app, Camera, on Thursday, bringing richer photo-sharing features to the platform even before the company closes its deal...

McAfee Reports Big Spike in Malware

PC malware had its "busiest quarter in recent history," according to McAfee's quarterly security report released Wednesday.

Yahoo Launches Stand-alone Mobile Search App

Yahoo beefed up its search offerings on Wednesday when it launched Axis, an HTML5-based browser app that delivers search results as page previews.


Facebook to Settle Class-Action Suit Over Sponsored Stories

The lawsuit accused Facebook of appropriating its users' likenesses for its Sponsored Stories advertising feature.

Supreme Court Lets $675,000 Fine for Music Downloads Stand

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to consider the petition of Joel Tenenbaum, a former doctoral student at Boston University who faces a fine of US$675,000 for illegally downloading 30 songs.


Facebook Buys Mobile E-commerce App Karma

The mobile gift-giving app Karma announced its acquisition Friday shortly after the markets closed on Facebook's IPO.

ITC Bans Import of Infringing Motorola Android Devices

The U.S. International Trade Commission issued an import ban Friday on any Android devices from Motorola that infringe one of Microsoft's patents.

Google Search Will Incorporate 'knowledge Graph' Into Main Search Results

Google will begin in the next few days to incorporate the "knowledge graph" it has been building for two years into its search results .