Dentist Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against Yelp Reviewers

A Foster City, Calif., pediatric dentist is being allowed to proceed with a libel suit against a husband and wife.

Yahoo's TV Widgets Service Tries to Bridge the Web/TV Divide

"TV Widgets" -- the latest attempt to meld television and the Internet, this time by Yahoo and Intel -- is here.


Twitter Experiences Growing Pains

Twitter appears to be experiencing more growing pains. Users and the service itself recently have reported a spate of problems...

Facebook Users Redouble Protest Efforts

Facebook fans unhappy about the site's most recent design changes mobilize to make their voices heard.

Twitterers Punked by Early April Fools' Prank

'Premium' account offer turns out to be a joke that some Twitter fans caught on to. Others, not so much.

Google Touts Speed of New Chrome Beta

Google has introduced what it says is a faster beta version of Chrome.

Nokia 'Actively' Considers Laptops

Nokia is seriously contemplating entering the notebook market, according to research firm DisplaySearch.

Study: Social Cliques Carry Over to the Internet

Apparently, high school is never really over -- especially when it comes to social networking.

Smartphone Owners Pan BlackBerry App Store's Starting Price

RIM surprised a lot of people by announcing that apps sold in the soon-to-launch Blackberry App World online store will start at $2.99.

ICANN to Allow Chinese, Arabic, Russian Domain Names

Other non-ASCII characters soon will be permitted as well.

iPhone Apps are the Real Money-Maker, Analyst Says

Some smartphone owners spent as much on apps as on the mobile hardware, a study reveals.

Will Shorter Domain Names Boost Dot Biz?

Get ready for, and probably

Al Jazeera Lobbies Online for U.S. Cable Access

Al Jazeera English has launched a Web-based grassroots campaign to coax American cable companies to air its shows.

New Version of Jivox Lets Users Create Interactive Video Ads

Jivox is the latest tool to help businesses grab the attention of Web surfers through interactive video advertising.

Save More Money With Better Power Management

It might be the most vexing question of the technology age: Is it better to turn off a PC at night or leave it on?