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U.S. government honored for pioneering work in IPv6

The IPv6 Forum on Tuesday presented a special award to four U.S. government officials for their pioneering work in promoting IPv6, an emerging upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol.

Apple seeks standard to appease angry university net managers

Under fire from its customers in the higher education market, Apple has proposed creating a new industry standard that would fix problems with its Bonjour zero configuration networking technology that is causing scalability and security problems on campus networks.

How the U.S. is winning the race to next-gen Internet

With the worldwide supply of IPv4 addresses rapidly dwindling, the United States is pulling ahead of its global rivals in the deployment of next-generation Internet services based on the emerging IPv6 standard.

The 5 Hottest IT Jobs Right Now

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Tiger Mom Right About Techie Teens

Is it worth all the effort - the gauntlet of AP classes, standardized tests, private lessons and community service hours -- to get your techie teen into a highly selective college? Yes, if they are an aspiring tech industry CEO.

Why Mark Zuckerberg is a Bad Role Model for Aspiring Tech Execs

Want to run a successful high-tech company? Don't drop out of college.

Launch Event Drives IPv6 Traffic to All-time High

Web and email traffic are expected to continue rising on the next-gen Internet Protocol.

IPv6 Launch: Amazon, eBay, Twitter Sit on Sidelines

Other high-profile sites on the Internet are not participating in World IPv6 Launch Day.

Why the Internet needs IPv6