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5 Signs That You've Lost Control Over Your Cloud Apps

There are a range of warning signs, like when Post-It notes pop up across users' desktops, or when a former employee poaches your clients.

15 Worst Internet Privacy Scandals of All Time

In honor of National Data Privacy Day this Saturday, Jan. 28, we've put together a list of the 15 worst Internet privacy scandals of all time.

Leading ISPs, Websites Commit to June 6 Start for IPv6

AT&T, Comcast, Facebook, and Google are among those on board for World IPv6 Launch.

5 Major Changes Facing the Internet in 2012

Technical operations and policymaking could change significantly this year with the move to ipv6 and new top level domains.

Critics Stage Last-ditch Effort to Derail Domain Name Expansion Plan

Corporations and nonprofits fear they'll have to fight many more squatters using their trademarked names on domains like .hotel or .paris.

Computer Science is the Hottest Major on Campus

Six-figure salaries and hipster images mean record applications at the nation's top comp sci colleges.

iPhone Apps: A DIY Skill That's in Big Demand

iPhone developers are in demand across the United States and Canada, causing salaries to skyrocket for those with experience creating complex, mobile...

Paycheck Payoff for IT Certs Still Declining

If you're hoping for a raise if you earn another IT industry certification, don't bet on it, says the latest IT salary data.