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Wall Street Wants These Tech Skills

Financial services firms are recruiting more IT professionals this summer than a year ago, and they are looking for strong programming, database and operating...

DNS Gains Added Measure of Security Starting Today

The 13 globally distributed server clusters--known within Internet engineering circles as the Root Zone--will begin cryptographically signing DNS look-ups.

Census Bureau Counting Heads in the Cloud

Web-based apps and infrastructure-as-a-service are a hit for 2010 Census

Facebook Adds IPv6 Support

Facebook says it's now offering "experimental, non-production" support for IPv6, the long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol.

IPv6 vs. Carrier-grade NAT

The Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses; there's no argument about that. But what is up for debate is whether ISPs will migrate directly to IPv6 to solve this problem.

Public vs. Private Cloud

No one can argue that cloud computing is on the rise. But exactly how these Internet-based IT services are going to storm the enterprise market--as public clouds shared by all or as private clouds operated by organizations to serve their own employees--is up for debate.

Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Internet Explorer

One of the tech industry's fiercest arguments for the last 15 years has been which Web browser rules the desktop. Now the pitch of the browser argument is getting louder--and more vendors are piping up--as the browser battle migrates from desktops to smartphones.

Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo

While it appears that the Internet search argument was won decisively by Google, rivals Yahoo and Microsoft haven't given up yet. The two companies formed an alliance in 2009 that will result in Microsoft's Bing search engine powering Yahoo's portal by the end of 2010.

YouTube vs. Hulu

The argument between video Web sites Hulu and YouTube has all the makings of a blockbuster movie. Upstart Hulu is competing against Goliath YouTube to attract the attention of billions of users and an increasing amount of ad dollars, against a backdrop of copyright and piracy issues.

Why Computer Science Students Cheat

Enrollment in undergraduate computer science courses is at an all-time high at colleges nationwide. But this trend that's been hailed by the U.S. tech industry...

Verizon Follows Comcast Lead on IPv6

Verizon appears to be playing catch-up to broadband rival Comcast with its announcement this week of a residential trial of IPv6.

Google, Microsoft, Netflix May Share List of IPv6 Users

Open source 'whitelist' would aid transition to next-gen Internet services, proponents say.

Comcast, Netflix Report Rise in IPv6 Activity

The Internet industry is seeing evidence that more consumers, corporations and Web sites are deploying IPv6, the long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet’s main...


YouTube Turns on IPv6 Support, Net Traffic Spikes

Industry observers hailed YouTube's upgrade as a sign of the growing momentum for IPv6, the next-gen replacement for the Net's main communications protocol, IPv4.