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Six Net Routing Nightmares

Some were accidents, others were incidents -- but none of them were pretty.

Feds to Shore Up Net Security

In an effort to prevent routing hijack attacks, the U.S. government is ramping up its move to secure the Internet's routing system.

Resolve to Study These Web Sites in 2009

It's a New Year's resolution IT pros can -- and should -- stick to.

The Technology Behind the Holiday Light Shows

A tour of some holiday light shows powered by enough technology to put even the Grinchiest geek into a Christmas frame of mind.


Critics to ICANN: Top-Level Domain Sale Dangerous, Costly

A controversial proposal to create hundreds of new generic top-level domains is generating harsh criticism.

IETF: Should We Ignore the Kaminsky Bug?

Standards body debates fixing DNS or pushing new security scheme.

Feds Tighten Security on .gov

Largest-ever deployment of DNS security doesn’t address root, .com servers.

IPv6 to Get Much-Maligned Feature

Standards body weighs network address translators for next-gen Internet.

Under Pressure: 10 Sources Pushing CIOs to Go Green

CFOs, utilities top our list of who's driving IT to be more energy efficient.