Children Seeking Help Over Cyberbullying

Nearly three quarters (72 percent) of children claim they wouldn't participate in cyberbullying, says Symantec.

Sophos: Facebook Failing to Tackle Likejacking

More than four in five (95 percent) of web users believe Facebook isn't doing enough to protect social networkers against 'likejacking attacks', says Sophos.

World Cup Inspires 1 in Every 150 Searches

Not only will the World Cup dominate our TV screens for the next month, it's also set to dominate our web surfing, says Hitwise.

Google Wi-Fi Data Collection Hit by Privacy Group

Privacy International is seeking charges against Google for its recent admission of collecting data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Twitter to Roll out Automatic Link Shortening Service

Twitter will roll out a new automatic link shortening service to users later this summer.

Watching TV? Turn on the PC

Nearly half of young people spend as much time watching traditional TV as they do using online video services, RealNetworks says.


Sophos: Scientist Infected With Virus Is Just Scaremongering

Security vendor Sophos has slammed a technology experiment, which saw a British scientist infect himself with a computer virus, as "scaremongering".

Facebook Considers Changing Privacy Settings

A backlash from users and a threatened boycott is apparently prompting the social networking site to rethink its policies.

UK Won't Investigate Google Over Wi-Fi Snooping

The Information Commissioner has revealed he will not investigate Google over the recent revelation that its Street View cars have been mistakenly collecting...

USB Worm Named Biggest PC Threat

A worm which is spread via USB flash drives has been named the biggest security threat to PC users by McAfee.

Openbook Wants to Teach Facebook Users Importance of Privacy

A new website is aiming to teach social networkers about privacy by allowing web users to search for embarrassing Facebook status updates that can be viewed by...

Microsoft Office 2010 Released to Businesses

Microsoft will launch Office 2010, the latest version of its Office productivity suite, to businesses this week.

Nokia Owners Can Use Own Voice for Navigation

Nokia has unveiled a free app that allows mobile phone owners to personalise turn-by-turn navigation with their own voice.

TomTom Offers Drivers the Voice of Darth Vader

TomTom is giving UK drivers the chance to get directions from Star Wars baddie Darth Vader.

Google Unveils 'Virtual Keyboard'

Google has made a virtual keyboard available in its search function, ensuring users with English keyboard can search for phrases and keywords in their native...