Spotify Adds Twitter and Facebook Features

Swedish music streaming service Spotify has unveiled a number of social networking features designed to encourage web users to share music.

Apple iPad 2 to Get OLED Screen?

Apple is thought to be using OLED screens in the next version of its iPad.


PC Owners Being Used as 'Malware Mules'

Hackers are using unsuspecting web users as 'malware mules' to infect other PC users with viruses, says Symantec.

Does Fast Broadband Encourage Piracy?

Survey reveals how super-fast speed is put to use, as UK government tries to rein in illegal downloads.

Google: YouTube Was Sustained by Piracy

Documents released in Viacom's suit against Google reveal the web giant's early assessment of the video-sharing site.


Hackers Try to Exploit Illegal Downloading Fears

Hackers are exploiting the controversy surrounding illegal downloading in a bid to steal credit card details from Web users, says F-Secure.

Doctor Who Games Go Free Online

The BBC is offering fans a chance to control the action in four free interactive episodes of a "Doctor Who" game.

AVG Offers Free Emergency Boot CD

Security vendor AVG has launched a free emergency boot-up CD.

Opera Reports Upswing from Windows Browser Ballot

Once the EU forced Microsoft to offer a choice of browsers with Windows, more folks try something other than Internet Explorer.

Spotify Hits 320,000 Paying Customers

The Swedish music streaming service -- still not available in the U.S. -- reports signing subscribers by the thousands every week.


Facebook Considers 'Panic Button' for Kids in UK

Officials of the social network met with British officials to discuss adding a single-click connection to child protective services and other safety resources.

Nexus One Not Selling; Droid Launch Trumps iPhone's

Google has sold just 135,000 of its Nexus One units since launching the phone in January. Meanwhile, Motorola sold 1.05 million Droids, surpassing iPhone for the same period after the smartphone debuted in 2007.


Scareware: Most Costly Security Scam of 2010

Fake antivirus programs that instead steal your data are dangerous and spreading rapidly, security experts say.

Twitter Hits 10 Billion Tweets

The microblogging service reports a new milestone in its growth.

Google Supports HTC in Apple Lawsuit

Google is defending its phone manufacturing partner against Apple's accusations of patent infringement.