Opera Mini Comes to Windows Mobile Handsets

The mobile browser doesn't require Java.

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Security Firms Help Shut Down Mariposa Botnet

The cybercriminals behind the Mariposa botnet, which attacked 13 million computers worldwide, stealing sensitive personal data, have been arrested.

Facebook Flirts Beware: Study Shows Women Aren't Amused

25% women say they'd xdump their boyfriend for flirting with friends on social networks.

Cyberattacks Hit Most Firms, Symantec Says

75% of companies have experienced an online attack, the security vendor reports.

Google Told to Ditch Street View Images After 6 Months

The European Union ordered Google to regularly purge the images in its mapping service to comply with privacy rules.

Which Malware Worries Business this Year?

Most tech professionals believe infected Websites and social networks will be bigger pests than spam.

Smartphones to Change Our Travel Habits

Geotags, on-the-fly translators, and even virtual reality apps will transform the way we see the world, T-Mobile researchers say.

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Google Buzz Already Attracting Spammers

Despite being launched this week, spammers have already hit Google Buzz -- the search engine's social network, says Websense.

The Geek of Your Dreams is Online

Study shows techies are among the most romantic Valentines, backed up by some lively geek love sites.

Beware of Flirt Bots in Your Valentine Quest

A security vendor warns about come-ons that lead not to love but to malware-laced websites.

Facebook Poses Biggest Security Threat to Businesses

Nearly two thirds (60 percent) of businesses believe social network Facebook poses the biggest threat to security, says Sophos.

Fake Antivirus Scam Hits Facebook

Facebook users are being bombarded with fake virus alerts designed to encourage social networkers to download fake antivirus software, says PandaLabs.

Nokia Readies Free Ovi Maps

Smartphone owners will get free access to Nokia's mapping and navigation software on certain models.

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Job Seekers, Watch Your Walls -- Employers Check Facebook

More than half of employers research potential job candidates on social networks, says a UK researcher.

Could Google Be Sued Over Nexus One?

Google could be sued by the family of author Philip K Dick - the man behind the book on which Blade Runner was based.

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