Facebook Cyberbullies Targeted

British police are teaming with teen volunteers to investigate reports of cyberbullying and harassment on Facebook.

HTC Desire Beats iPhone as UK's Top Smartphone

Apple's iPhone is no longer one of the top five most popular mobile phones in the UK, according to uSwitch.

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95% of Kids Have Sought Porn Online

Add a Second Screen to Your PC or Laptop

Adding a second screen to your PC or laptop gives you more space to multitask.

Facebook Friends Stressing You Out?

With a plethora of Facebook friends also comes the downside of trying to keep up and the resulting anxiety, researchers report.

Apple to Launch Low-Cost iPhone

Apple is thought to be preparing to launch a low-cost version of the iPhone.

Sony PlayStation Phone Launching at MWC

Sony Ericsson will officially unveil its highly anticipated 'PlayStation phone' at Mobile World Congress this year.

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Amazon to Launch Movie Streaming Service?

Amazon posted a message on a webpage that hinted at the move.

Twitter Sued By Celebrity Network

Micro-blogging service Twitter is being sued by a company that claims it had already come up with the idea for an online service that allows celebrities.

Amazon Buys Movie Rental Service LoveFilm

Amazon has purchased movie and game rental service LoveFilm.

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Yahoo: Users Can Login With Facebook or Google Credentials

Yahoo is allowing web users to sign in to its web services using Google and Facebook logins.

Report: News Corp Considering Options for MySpace

News Corp, which owns MySpace, has revealed it is considering a sale, merger or even spin-off of the social network.

Hoax Smartphone Apps: A Security Headache in 2011

Hoax smartphone apps that masquerade as a game or app but actually steal personal information from the handset such as passwords and logins

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79% of Web Users Put Personal Information in Passwords

Nearly four in five (79 percent) web users admit to using personal information and phrases in passwords, says Check Point.

Standby PCs Waste Energy During Holidays

An energy measurement firm urges workers to turn off tech gear for a green Christmas.