Kids, Teens Coax Grandparents Online

A British ISP is encouraging grandchildren to offer tech support to draw more seniors to the Internet.

Google 1Gbps Fiber Network Pushed Back

Google has pushed back the roll out of its 1Gbps fibre network to next year.

3DTVs Confuse Consumers

Consumers don't understand the benefit of 3DTVs and as a result sales have failed to hit expectations, according to retailers.


CDs: Obsolete by 2015?

Music will shift nearly entirely to digital downloads within years, edging out optical media and players, survey predicts.


WikiLeaks Avengers Threaten UK Government Sites

A group of online activists have threatened to attack British government websites if the WikiLeaks founder is extradited to Sweden.

Office Staff Scared of Videoconferencing, Survey Says

More than a third of office staff won't use video communications at work because they're concerned about their appearance on camera, says Damovo.

LimeWire to Close December 31

The peer-to-peer site will shut its online music store permanently before fighting its fine for illicit sharing.


Check Facebook from Bed? You're Not Alone

Texting, tweeting, shopping, changing their status just before bed -- nearly three-quarters of UK Web users admit their compulsions.

'Unprepared' Shopping Sites Brace for Next Wave

Online retailers didn't handle the Black Friday traffic as well as they should have, says site-monitoring service wary of upcoming "Mega Monday."

How to Create an E-Card

E-cards are ideal for those you regularly contact by email or online, whether they are friends or business clients.

70 Percent of Workers Don't Use Wi-Fi for Printing

Seven out of ten office workers admit they still use cables to connect a printer to their PC, despite having a Wi-Fi network in place, says Lexmark.

Android to Overtake Symbian Next Year

Google Android is set to overtake Symbian next year as the most popular smartphone platform in Europe, says IDC.

Opera 11 Beta Debuts

The newest revamp of the desktop browser offers a new way to organize tabs plus support for extensions and mouse gestures.

Social Networks Threaten Web, Pioneer Says

Web architect Berners-Lee says social networks wall off users and subvert the unencumbered communication the web enables.

UK Pushes Fast Lane Net Access

Issues of Internet access and paying for the bandwidth you use are under debate in Britain.