Holiday Shoppers Warned of Web's Risks

As holiday shoppers expect to do half their buying online, security experts offer tips for safer shopping.


Hackers Exploit Royal Engagement

The British prince's betrothal is providing fodder for hackers who are trapping web searchers seeking reports.

Fake Help Desks Trick a Quarter of PC Users

Scamware is often successful in selling unnecessary security programs, awareness organization warns users.

Online Fraud Losses Increase

A British study finds the percentage of victims is consistent, but financial losses are increasing.

Google Android

Android Gains in Global Popularity

Garter research reveals Google Android is now the second biggest smartphone operating system.


Web Addresses 'Will Run Out by 2012'

Web pioneer Cerf urges adoption of IPv6 to avoid hitting the network's technical limits.

Old Websites Resurrected in 'Archaelogical Dig of the Web'

Vodafone, MTV2 and Ikea are among the companies that have resurrected previous incarnations of their websites as part of 'archaelogical dig of the web'.

Samsung Expects to Sell 1 Million Galaxy Tabs This Year

The company has ambitious plans for its iPad rival and first tablet PC.


Security Patch Won't Fix Notorious IE Flaw

Microsoft urges upgrades from older versions of Internet Explorer to address security holes that won't be plugged.

Internet Explorer 9 Hits 10 Million Downloads

Microsoft says the beta version of its updated browser was downloaded by 10 million users in its first six weeks.

RealPlayer Update Supports Photo Management

A new version of RealPlayer allows web users to manage their digital photos.


British Underground to Get Wi-Fi

The Charing Cross underground station will offer commuters a connection as part of a trial.

Web Users Attempt to View Adult Sites 750,000 Times a Day

Anti-virus software maker says there are three-quarters of a million attempts to view adult content on the internet every day in the UK.

More Than Half of Dangerous Websites End in .com

Fifty-six percent of risky Websites end in .com, while domains in Vietnam have quickly jjoined the ranks of the most dangerous, says security firm McAfee.

9% of Web Users Have 'Faceless Friends'

Nearly one in ten Web users have never met many of their online friends, a study estimates.