1 in 10 Websites Spews Spam

Watch where you shop or sign up for information online, warns research firm Spam Ratings.

UK Beefs Up Rural Broadband

Britain is committing to providing speedy broadband to rural communities.

LogMeIn Launches PC Screen Sharing Tool

LogMeIn has launched join.me, an online meeting service that allows users to share their PC's screen with anyone who has access to the web.

72 Percent of Parents Monitor Their Kid's Facebook Page

Nearly three quarters of parents monitor their child's social networking account, says TRUSTe.

Half of Smartphone Owners Don't Download Apps, Study Says

Just under two in five (39 percent) of smartphone owners regularly download apps, according to OpenCloud.

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Tablet Shipments Expected to Top 11 Million This Year

Netbook numbers are down, and most of those 11 million tablets are Apple's, says ABI Research.

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73% of Toddlers Have Digital Footprint

Children get a start on their online identities before the age of 2, thanks to families and friends posting images and even setting up e-mail, study reveals.

Trojans Dominate Malware, Security Firm Reports

Panda Labs says 55 percent of all new malware in the third quarter were Trojans.

European Union Chides British Privacy Practices

The UK could be fined by the EU for failing to comply with Internet privacy legislation.

How Widespread is Cyberstalking?

The UK is conducting a study to determine the true extent of cyberstalking.


Most Students too Quickly Share Passwords

Almost 40% of students share security data with friends and family, safety survey reveals.

Google Details Censorship, Data Demands

Google's new Transparency Report maps how governments across the globe respond to the wealth of information sorted and served up by the search engine.

Many Companies Carelessly Send Spam, Study Says

More than half of online retailers are spamming Web users with e-mails they have not requested to receive, study shows.

Facebook 'Clickjacking' Awareness Campaign Launched

Security firm AVG is trying to educate university students about malware and subterfuge on social networking sites.

Facebook Places Arrives in the UK

The social network's smartphone location-sharing service launched last month has found a place in the UK.

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