Carrier Pigeon Faster than Rural Broadband

A British ISP tests video transmission speeds in a unique configuration.

iPods Overtake Traditional Prized Possessions

Forget the wedding ring; portable media players and other digital gadgets are treasures for the Facebook generation, a survey reveals.


65% of Web Users Are Victims of Cybercrime

Nearly two thirds of web users worldwide have been the victim of cybercrime, Symantec says.

Hackers Create 57,000 Malicious Pages Each Week

Hackers create 57,000 new web pages every week in a bid to infect web users with malicious software, says PandaLabs.

2 New Snapdragon CPUs Due Next Year

Qualcomm is expanding its Snapdragon line with faster, HD video-friendly versions of the processor commonly found in smartphones.

Firefox 4 Gets Tab Organizer

Mozilla refreshes the beta version of Firefox 4 with Panorama, an easier way to manage your open tabs.

Google Opens Chrome Web Store to Developers

Developers get a chance to upload and test apps, so the store is ready for end-users when Chrome ships later this year.


Cameron Diaz: Web's Most Dangerous Celeb

McAfee warns that the movie star's name is the most frequent one hijacked by cybercrooks spreading malware.

Google Chrome Tablet Could Hit U.S. in November

Google's Tablet PC, which will run its Chrome OS and is designed to rival Apple's iPad, could hit US shelves in time for Christmas.


IPad Owners Prefer Ebooks to Print

More than two in five iPad owners use the device as their preferred way to read books, according to a survey.

Plastic Logic Kills Que E-Book Reader

Plastic Logic has dumped plans to launch its QUE e-book reader and will instead concentrating on a second-generation device.


Auto Association Slams 'iPod Zombie' Pedestrians

"iPod oblivion" is blamed for increasing numbers of vehicle collisions and pedestrian deaths.


Most Web Users OK With Cyberspying

Nearly two thirds (63 percent) of web users think it's acceptable for their country to spy on other nations using malware or hacking techniques, Sophos says.

Google Street View Cars Hit the UK Again

Cleared of charges related to accidental capture of wi-fi data, Google resumes its photography to enhance its maps.

'Private Browsing' Not So Much

Web browser add-ons compromise the security of so-called "private" modes, security researchers find.