RIM Negotiates to Keep BlackBerry in UAE, Saudi Arabia

RIM officials are talking with United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabian officials about their security concerns regarding BlackBerrys.

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As Facebook Soars, MySpace Loses Half its Traffic

MySpace has lost 49% of its visitors in the past year, site-watcher reports.

Mobile Broadband Users Clueless Data Hogs

More than half (53 percent) of mobile broadband don't know how much data they use a month, says Broadband Genie.

RIM to Launch BlackBerry Tablet?

An analyst reports seeing a Flash-supporting BlackBerry tablet under development.

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Facebook Agrees to Install 'Panic Button' in UK

The opt-in service recommended for kids provides advice and a fast link to report online abuse.

Twitter Limits Access by Third-Party Apps

Twitter is helping to combat outages by restricting the number of times third party apps such as TweetDeck and Echofon can access the service.

LG Working on Google Android Tablet

LG is working on a tablet PC that will run Google Android.

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Google Says Facebook Hasn't Won Social Networking War

The Internet is becoming a more "social place" and there's plenty of opportunity for competing social networks, Google executive says.

Windows XP Glitch Addressed

Microsoft is offering a workaround for a recently unveiled -- and exploited -- Windows XP flaw.

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1Mbps Broadband Becomes a Legal Right... in Finland

Every resident in Finland has a legal right to 1Mbps broadband access from today.

Mobile Broadband Adoption Slows in UK

Industry-watcher suggests the technology hasn't lived up to its promise, but faster networks may renew customer interest.

Lost a Digital Photo? You're Not Alone

A third of Brits have lost their digital photo forever because they didn't back them up.

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3.7 Billion Phishing E-Mails Sent in the Past Year

More than half of online scams are fake bank messages intended to dupe customers, while hoax lotteries and scams, researchers say.

Google Maps Now Offers Property Listings

Google's partnership with real estate agents enables you to look up real estate for sale or rent on Google Maps.

Opera 10.60 Launched in Beta

Opera has unveiled Opera 10.60, the latest version of its Web browser, which the company claims is 50 percent faster at loading JavaScript.