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Cassandra Khaw is an entry-level audiophile, a street dancer, a person who writes about video games for a living, and someone who spends too much time on Twitter.

Into the Wormhole: An afternoon with EVE Online's least understood demographic

At Fanfest we stumbled across the smallest and rarest group of players in EVE Online—the wormhole players.

You'd be daft not to wish this Tron-themed bar was your own, punk

The flashing lights of this homemade Tron bar will make you feel like you're in a Daft Punk video.

Heineken Ignite is a beer bottle that lights up in time to the music

Heineken doesn't just want give you cold beers, they want to make them cooler than you.

tardis transformer omg wtf bbq

3D-printed TARDIS-Transformer is an epic mashup of two geek franchises

Have a 3D printer? Put it to good use and make a 3D-printed TARDISformer.

Selfies on coffee are apparently the next big thing in latte art

What do you get when you cross Instagram selfies of yourself with coffee? This.

Hadou-cat! Street Fighter parody has both kittens and fireballs

Little kittens pretending they're Ryu and Ken? Tiny mewls of battle? We dig it.

As it turns out, yoga balls make the perfect Katamari Damacy interface

Forget the PlayStation controller, play Katamari Damacy the way it was meant to be played - with a ball.

Ken(obi) you think of better R2-D2 cake than one that has a holographic Leia?

Don't you wish your dad was as cool as this? One 6-year-old got what is arguably the best Star Wars-themed cake ever.

Backlit Mega Man 25th Anniversary NES is up on eBay, and it's totally the bomb

Want a one-of-a-kind Mega Man NES? Yeah, us too.

Star Wars elevator prank will Force a giggle out of you

YouTube's Jesterlads keep doors open and confusion constant with this silly Star Wars 2 prank.

Lego Songbird from Bioshock Infinite looks like it could sing you the song of its people

Even if you didn't like Bioshock Infinite, you may still agree that this Lego replica of the Songbird is darn Tweetable.

iSpoon is a tablet stylus that is also a wooden spoon. Yep.

A wooden spoon-stylus? Of course. Because everyone knows the iPad's place is in the kitchen.

Edible Ewoks guaranteed to make your stomach go 'yub nub'

It might also be better to be an Ewok hater in the face of the Sushiwoks as they're almost too cute to eat.

Superhero-themed wedding has Xena, Wonder Woman, Superman, awesomeness

Be jealous. Heather and Kim just got married and they had a superhero-themed wedding.