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Cassandra Khaw is an entry-level audiophile, a street dancer, a person who writes about video games for a living, and someone who spends too much time on Twitter.

Make your old Game Boy Advance cool again by turning it into an arcade cabinet

Don't throw away your old handheld consoles; turn them into miniature arcade cabinets instead!


R2-D2 PC casemod is the droid you're looking for

Star Wars is, for obvious reasons, a perennial favorite in this here parts. But while we've covered a whole bunch of things inspired by the franchise, this R2-D2 PC casemod might be one of the finest tributes to the series we've seen yet.


Tiny Raspberry Pi arcade cabinet is tiny, doesn't try to overcompensate

An arcane cabinet that is only slightly larger than a lighter? We're cool with this.


Make nonsense mouse strokes look like art with Silk Web app

Fancy making pretty things on your browser? You'll love Silk, then.


Visit 100,000 stars in your browser with this Web app

We're still light years away—literally and figuratively—from being able to explore the galaxy, but this interactive 3D visualization is a nice second best.


DIY Raspberry Pi-based gaming console looks kinda sweet

Guillermo Amaral's DIY gaming console is yet another one of those amazing things people are making with the Raspberry Pi.


Outdated computer peripherals play Bob Dylan, can't play harmonica yet

Re-purposed office equipment? Bob Dylan? Orchestral Performance? Yup, these things go together just fine.


Arduino Micro packs more power into less space for your DIY projects

Having trouble working that Arduino board into the casing of your latest project Why not make use of its Liliputian cousin the Arduino Micro?


Vlambeer's Rami Ismael talks about making games you hate

Everyone has games they love, but some game developers are spending one week creating a game for the genre they most despise.

Hide your secrets: Anonymous wants to launch a WikiLeaks competitor

Disillusioned by WikiLeaks, international hacker group Anonymous has decided to take matter into their own hands and launch TYLER.


FailBetter Games' Alexis Kennedy is trying to make browser games that don't suck

In spite of the stigmata suffered by browser-based titles, Failbetter Games have succeeded in making their games work. We talk with co-founder Alexis Kennedy to learn why and how.

Ibex is a virtual reality desktop environment for your computer

A virtual reality desktop to go with all the games you've be playing with your head-mounted displays? We're down with that.

This Lego-encased Raspberry Pi Minecraft server takes geeking out to new levels

If you're ever wondered if the Raspberry Pi is capable of running a Minecraft server and look awesome while doing so, the answer is yes.


Syracuse University Faculty Makes Red-Hot Lava, No Volcano Required

What happens when you cross an art professor, a geologist, and a desire to make actual lava? Read on to find out.


Ants Have Used Internet Algorithms for Ages, Don't Act Pretentious About It

Scientists have discovered that certain harvester ants work the same way Internet protocols do. Discworld's Hex, anyone?