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TELESAR V Robot Lets You Feel What It Feels, See What It Sees

The latest in telepresence technology, TELESAR V can convey touch, temperature and vibrations to its operator.


Maru Would Be Proud: Minneapolis to Host Cat Video Film Festival

Why keep your predilection for cute cat videos to yourself? Share it with the world. Better yet, go watch them with a whole bunch of strangers this August.


Help Jumpstart Jumpshot's Vision for Malware-Free PCs Everywhere

What was born of mutual misery, needs $25,000 on Kickstarter, and wants to make the world a better place for PCs everywhere? Jumpshot, that's what.


Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Port Now Available to Kindle Fire Owners

Too attached to your Kindle Fire to purchase a Google Nexus 7? Get the best of both worlds with this nifty new port.


This Conjoined Rubik's Magic Cube Will Make You See Double

Double the pleasure? Double the pain? Rubik's Cube enthuasists may want to pick up one of these bad boys.


Neurowear's Necomimi Headset Is for Anyone Who Wants to Be a Cat

Will the Necomimi--a brainwave-powered, cat-eared headset--make you the only cat who knows where it's at?


Computer Learns Board Games From Two-Minute Clips, Beats Humans Right After

Today, Connect Four. Tomorrow, the world? A computer scientist from Paris Diderot University has come up with an a learning algorithm that will let computers beat us at our own board games.


Is the $99 Ouya the Video Game Console for the 99 Percent?

There's a new Kickstarter project that everyone's getting excited about and it's not another new-fangled watch (or an iPad case). Is the Ouya the video game console we've all been waiting for?

Space Engine Lets You Be the Astronaut You've Always Wanted to Be

With the high requirements demanded from budding astronauts, space simulation software SpaceEngine may be the closest most of us will come to achieving this childhood dream.