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Leverage Today’s Technology to Optimize Your Business

Managing data growth, security threats, and an increasingly mobile workforce is a juggling act, but CDW and Intel give you the tools you need to excel.

Mobile devices are the new frontier for botnets and DDoS attacks

The bad guys are taking advantage of weak security, faster processors, and blazing broadband connections to wreak havoc on mobile devices.

What you need to know about the Adobe certificate compromise

Adobe is planning to revoke a code-signing certificate after discovering it has been compromised and used to launch malicious attacks.

What's in your Facebook Activity Log?

The Facebook Activity log lets you see what you've said, liked, or shared on the social network — and soon it will also contain your search history.

Flame malware continues to burn

Security researchers have uncovered intriguing details about the Flame malware--including the fact that there are more malware threats we haven't yet discovered.

Why locking your mobile device with a fingerprint is a great idea

One of the rumors leading into the Apple iPhone 5 event today is that the new smartphone will incorporate fingerprint scanning technology.

If you don't really need Java, get rid of it

Oracle patched Java to defend against attacks in the wild, but the patch contains flaws that open Java up to different threats.

'Project HellFire' Demonstrates Need for Stronger Passwords

Latest attack compromises more than a million records

Beware: Adobe Flash Is Under Siege!

Time to get your guard up. Attackers are targeting both the traditional Adobe Flash application, and the recently pulled Flash for Android mobile app.

Pirated Android Apps Are Only Part of the Problem

The DOJ has shut down sites accused of distributing pirated Android apps, but there are worse things you can download from third-party app stores.

New Standard Pushes for a More Secure Web

New draft encryption guidelines from the NIST call for support for more secure extended validation certificates.