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3D Printing Used to Create Spare Parts, Save Money

Could 3D printing be the savior of broken and missing product parts? Quite possibly, but some copyright issues may need to be cleared up.

Graphics Card Museum Gives Geeks Another Excuse to Travel

This new museum in the Ukraine lets geeks go down GPU Memory Lane.

Geeks Build the Church of Tron

A number of volunteers have come together to transform their local church into a Tron-inspired place of worship. It's awesome, no matter what your religious beliefs.

Nyan Cat Progress Bar

This freebie combines Internet meme Nyan Cat with the Windows 7 progress bar.

The Geekiest Tunes on Spotify

Turn your volume up to 11! To mark the US launch of Spotify, the GeekTech crew got together to create a list of awesomely geeky songs that you'll find on the service.

Nyan Cat Invades Windows 7, Dances Along Progress Bars

Internet meme alert! Web hit Nyan Cat can now dance along your progress bars in Windows 7, making those waiting times a little less tedious.

QR Code Grocery Shopping Renders Shopping Carts Obsolete

Get your QR code scanner ready! Tesco tests out a way for subway passengers to shop for groceries using smartphones in South Korea.

$200 iPhone SLR Case Offers 'Mobile' Photography

Meet the iPhone SLR Mount from Photojojo, a case which you can attach any Nikon or Cannon lens to. But don't try cramming it into your pocket...