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HTC Holiday Specs Outed

Word of the HTC Holiday's existence first surfaced earlier in May, but until today very little had been known about the smartphone. Now a list of could-be specifications for the device have surfaced.

Casemod Turns Your PC Into a Lightcycle

Trontastic! One avid case modder has created a PC case that's a near-perfect replica of the lightcycles seen in last year's 'Tron Legacy.'

SNES Controller Mod Plays Nice With Android

Do you miss buttons? Rich Degenhardt sure does, so he created a mod which would see an old SNES controller talking to an Android phone--no rooting required.

DIY 'Portal' Turret Is No Lie, Intimidates With Real Laser Eye

No joke: a modder created a replica turret from Valve’s Portal game, complete with a working laser sight. Look out!

PaperPhone Bends, Flexes, Makes Gumby Jealous

A concept from the Human Media Lab at the Queen’s University of Ontario sees a paper-like smartphone that reacts to turning, squeezing, and bending the screen.

How 'New' Is the New iMac? iFixit Teardown Tells All

Apple's latest iMac gets the expected teardown treatment from the folks over at iFixit. Take a peek inside!

Android 2.3.4 Comes to Nexus One--Without Google Talk Voice Chat

Android 2.3.4 is now being delivered to Nexus One handsets over the air, but the update won't bring video or voice chat to the Google Talk app as seen on the Nexus S.

World's Smallest Camera is Smaller Than a Matchstick Head

This one you have to see to believe. Read on to see for yourself.


Homemade Touchscreen Computer Plays Angry Birds, Impresses Friends

Ever wanted to have your very own Microsoft Surface at home, but without the big price tag? This DIY project shows you how. You can even play Angry Birds on it!

Hack Turns iPhone and Wiimote Into Invisible Instruments

With this hack, you don't need a band to make music--all you need is a Wiimote and iPhone. Read on to learn more, and to see how you can help turn this project into an actual iPhone app!


Eye-Tracking Trick Brings Glasses-Free 3D to iPad 2

This clever demo simulates a 3D effect on your iPad 2 without forcing you to wear glasses. Video after the jump.

Building on Up: Brazilians Create World's Largest Lego Tower

A tower created only from Lego bricks has been erected in Brazil. Standing at over 31 metres high, this one's a record breaker.

Seagate Shipping World's Slimmest Portable External Hard Drive

Seagate is now shipping what they claim is the world's slimmest portable external hard drive, which is as thin as a regular No. 2 pencil.

Fruit Ninja Goes Life-Size, Gets Virtual Reality Motion Control

Get ready to slice! German students have created a larger-than-life virtual reality version of Halfbrick's popular Fruit Ninja smartphone game.

Robot Hand Picks Up Gooey Mess With Scary Accuracy, Renders Humans Even More Obsolete

A robotic hand from Furukawa Kikou seems to be able to pick up any gooey mess with ridiculously precise accuracy.