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Keyboard Cat Wrist Rest Is Meme-tastic!

A recent Instructables project brings together two Web memes to create one geeky keyboard wrist rest.

Mozilla Site Shows Firefox 4 Downloads in Real Time

Firefox 4 has arrived! And to celebrate, Mozilla has launched a special download stats Website, offering a global view of downloads of the browser.

HTC Thunderbolt Rooted as Fast as Lightning

HTC's new Thunderbolt smartphone has already been rooted, even though it's been on sale for less than a day. We apologize for the bad pun in the headline.

Firefox 4 Release Date Revealed, Coming March 22nd

Firefox 4 could be launching as early as March 22nd if no major problems are found within the current release candidate build.

Facebook Likes This: Lego-Arduino Hack Shows Your Likes

Facebook 'likes' come to light with this neat DIY Lego and Arduino project.

iPad 2: Smart Cover Sliced Open, Magnetic Powers Exposed

The folks over at iFixit have torn apart the iPad 2's somewhat magical Smart Cover, laying out its magnetic power for all to see.


Kinect Hack Dims the Lights So You Don't Have To

This home automation hack uses a Kinect and sensors to help save power.

Man or Machine? Realistic Robot Blurs the Lines of Reality

You're not seeing double: Japanese researchers created a robot that looks just like Danish professor Henrik Scharfe.

The House From 'Up' Goes Up For Real

Scenes from Pixar film Up have become a reality thanks to an upcoming National Geographic Show.

Nintendo 64 Emulator Arrives on Android

An emulator capable of playing Nintendo 64 ROMs has arrived in the Android Market.

iPad 2: What's New With Apple's A5 Processor

Apple's next iPad will make use of a dual-core mobile processor. We take a look at what's new with the A5 chip.


Kinect Powered Robot Could Help Earthquake Victims

Engineering students at the University of Warwick have developed a robot that can "see" potential earthquake victims thanks to the help of Microsoft's Kinect.

Photoshop Turns 21: We Take a Look Back

After 21 years, Adobe Photoshop is still the dominant image editor. To mark the anniversary, we take a look back at how the software has changed over the past two decades.