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Sharp's New Smartphone Matches iPhone 4's Retina Display

A new Android-powered smartphone from Sharp packs a screen similar to that of Apple's iPhone 4.


Samsung Gets To Work On 8GB Laptop Memory Sticks

Want 8GB of RAM in your laptop? Electronics giant Samsung is beginning mass-production of such massive memory modules.


Droid X Getting Froyo This Wednesday

A PDF posted over on Verizon's support website has revealed that Android 2.2 is coming to the Droid X this Wednesday.


Hack Delivers a Linux Tablet for Under $200

Modders have taken a basic sub-$200 Chumby-powered media device, and transformed it to run a WebKit browser.


Pentax Optio NB1000: The Perfect Digital Camera for Lego Fans

Ever wanted to stick Lego blocks to the front of your camera? The thought probably hasn't even crossed your mind, but now, thanks to Pentax, you can.


Google and Arcade Fire Collaborate on the Geekiest Music Video Ever

See what HTML5 can do in a new collaborative piece from director Chris Milk, Google and Arcade Fire.