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Forget the Olympics: Lego and Twitter Power New Digital Games

Take some Lego and an Arduino board, then mix in some social networking, and you've got yourself a geeky alternative to the Olympics.

Fix This App: Facebook for iOS

Facebook's iOS app leaves a lot to be desired. We look at some of the app's biggest annoyances

3D Printer Uses Sugar to Create Blood Vessels

University of Pennsylvania and MIT researchers make use of a special sugar mix along with a custom 3D printer to create blood vessels.

Run a Retina MacBook Pro at Full 2880-by-1800 Resolution, Induce Eye Strain

Are your retinas ready? One avid Apple user reveals how to run the new MacBook Pro at its highest resolution of 2880-by-1800 resolution without any scaling.

Oven Lets You Send Text to Start It, Won't Keep Your Souffle From Falling

A new high-end oven lets you get things cooking before you get home, thanks to a built-in SIM card.

Wi-Fi-Blocking Wallpaper Keeps Your Signal In, Intruders Out

Worried about others leaching off of your Wi-Fi network? New wallpaper created by French scientists hopes to solve your problems by blocking Wi-Fi signals.

Gifture lets you make animated GIFs on the fly, party like it's 1999

A new app for iOS lets you turn your photos into animated GIFs. We talk withthe developer, and take it for a spin.

This Automated Dorm Room Is Ready For Romance, Parties, and Studying

One UC Berkeley student customized his dorm room so it's ready for any situation at the push of a button.

Panasonic's Newest TV Prototype Is Too Big for Your Living Room

If you want Panasonic's new 145-inch HDTV, you may need to think about getting a bigger house.


This Hack Turns Your iPad(s) Into a Tron-Style Keyboard

One Adobe manager took it into his own hands to recreate the virtual keyboards as seen in Tron: Legacy using two iPads.

Robot Hitches Ride in Hybrid Car, Sets Up Camp on Car Dashboard

Chinese car maker BYD introduced a new hybrid car this week--complete with a friendly robot built into the vehicle's dashboard.

3D Printer Lets You Print Your Own Prescription

Research being developed at the University of Glasgow could see the creation of medicine simplified, thanks to 3D printing.

Tupac's Coachella 'Hologram' Performance Explained

A hologram of the late rapper Tupac Shakur played to surprised audiences at Coachella this past weekend, but how was the visual trick achieved?


Firefighting Robot Saves The Day, Creeps Everyone Out in the Process

The U.S. Navy is developing a robot that can put out a fire, with a little help from voice and gesture inputs.

Robo Vending Machine Gives Out Free Drinks for a Hug

I want to feel love: A Coca-Cola vending machine will offer a free Coke to anyone who is willing to give it a hug.