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Auto Cat Flap Hack Keeps Your Kitteh Safe At Night

Thanks to the power of Arduino, a hacked pet door can now lock your furry friends indoors safely!

Google Maps Goes 8-Bit For April Fools'

See the world in 8-bit form! While the NES is set to receive a Google Maps "game", you can start exploring the pixelated world right now online.

Fridge Magnet Lets You Order Pizza With Ridiculous Ease

We're filing this one under Mankind's Greatest Achievements: A Dubai-based pizza chain has made ordering your favorite pie as easy as pressing a single button. If anything, this is a little too easy...

This Star Wars TIE Fighter Costs Less Than an iPad!

Of all the things you can find on Craigslist, who'd have thought you'd be able to buy a TIE Fighter?

DIY DeLorean Takes to the Skies

Roads? Where this DIY RC DeLorean is going, it doesn't need roads.

Hack Lets You Use Kindle 3G for Free Tethering--With a Catch

One hacker has used the Amazon Kindle Keyboard, along with its complimentary 3G, to tether to a computer for 'free' Web access. But there are some strings attached...

Tetris Lamp Brings Nostalgic Puzzle Fun to Your Desk

This Tetris-themed desk lamp looks awesome, and it won't disappear when you fill a row with blocks.

Kinect Hack Helps You Park Your Car, Can't Help Drive It Yet

This hack uses a Kinect as an extra set of eyes to help you back up as you park your car.

3D Printers Now Print Human Body Parts

Now this really is jaw-dropping: Doctors used a 3D printer to create a replacement jaw--a world first.

Android Phone Hacked to Run Windows 95, Windows CE Nowhere to Be Found

A modern smartphone with retro appeal? One XDA Developer not only got Linux working on the HTC EVO 3D, but also Windows 95, 98 and XP.

Lego 'Astronaut' Takes One Giant Leap for Brick-kind

What were you doing when you were a teenager? These two Canadian teens launched a Lego minifigure into the edge of space.