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Arduino Hack Lets You Control TV, Annoy Others

This Instructables guide will show you how you can use an Arduino to control your TV, DVD player, VCR, and countless other home electronics.

Turn Your iPhone Into a Walkman With Audman

A Kickstarter project hopes to transform your iPod and iPhone into a Walkman for ultimate retro appeal.

Siri Dictation Comes to Older iPhones; Only Jailbreakers Invited to the Party [Updated]

Hackers have managed to get Siri's dictation working on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the fourth generation iPod Touch.

Geeky Magic 8-Ball Serves Up Fortunes, Still Gives Vague Answers

ThinkGeek's Magic Geek Ball displays nerdy sayings such as '404 Error', 'Can Has' and 'LOL' for an alternative take on the classic toy.

High-Res Lunar Map Lets You Get Up Close and Personal With the Moon

Astronomy fans, get ready to geek out: NASA has just released a super high-resolution topographic map of our favorite natural satellite, the Moon.

Hackers Crack Siri; Android Version, Flying Pigs Possible?

A group of developers found a way to reverse engineer Siri, and says that a port to Android might be doable.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Already Rooted, Phone Not Even In Stores Yet

Samsung's new smartphone isn't even in stores yet, but the Galaxy Nexus has already been rooted.