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Windows 8 Gets Sad New Blue Screen of Death

The developer build of Windows 8 shows that Microsoft's next major operating system will have a new, and somewhat sad, blue screen of death.

Make Your iPhone's Apple Logo Glow With This Mod

A new mod makes the logo on the back of the iPhone 4 glow, much like the logo on Apple's laptops.

Xbox 360 and PS3 Come Together in the Ultimate Gamer Casemod

A University of Portsmouth Computer Games Technology student put together both Sony's and Microsoft's home console, creating one ultimate gaming device.

Android Now Works on HP TouchPad, Multitouch Included

Enthusiasts have managed to get Android 2.3.5 working on the HP Touchpad, complete with multitouch support.

iWallet Transforms Old iPod Into Awesomely Geeky Money Holder

Do you have an old, busted iPod sitting in a desk drawer somewhere? Why not put it to good use and transform into a wallet? That's what one Instructables user did.


Chrome Plug-in Adds Mustaches to Every Online Face

Google celebrates the life of Freddie Mercury with a special doodle--and now you can too, with a neat mustache Chrome plug-in.

Mario Meets Portal in Cool Mashup Indie Game

Mario takes a trip around the Mushroom Kingdom with a Portal gun in this neat indie game.

10 Geeky Things to Do on Your First Date

Okay, Cupid; here are ten geeky activities to do on your first date--Magic: The Gathering included.

Stretchable OLED Display Is Here; No Stretchable iPad Yet

The clever brains at the University of California, Los Angeles have developed a fully stretchable OLED display.

Deus Ex Documentary Reveals Real Life Cyborgs

A documentary celebrating the recent release of 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' takes a detailed look at real people living the cyborg life.

Get Android Running on a TouchPad, Win Up To $1500 in Prizes

One site is offering up to $1500 in prizes to get the Android OS running on the HP TouchPad.

Apple's iOS 5 Beta 6 Jailbroken

Over the weekend the hacking community were working on getting Apple's latest iOS 5 beta jailbroken. As you might expect, they did it.

Free App Shows You How to Fix Your New TouchPad

Have you grabbed a HP TouchPad for just $99? If so you will want to know how to fix it. A free app from iFixit shows you how.

Geek Cash: Star Wars Coins Are Legal Tender on South Pacific Island

The New Zealand Mint will soon offer Star Wars-themed currency--it's the coolest legal tender in the galaxy!

Space Hotel to Offer Truly Out-of-This-World Vacations

Russian firm Orbital Technologies is hoping to launch the very first "Space Hotel" by 2016.