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Skype for Linux Alpha's About screen.

Microsoft's Skype for Linux Alpha gets device settings and a system tray icon

Microsoft promised to update Skype for Linux Alpha every two weeks, and so far it's following through, promptly adding some new useful features to the client.

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus installer splash image

Ubuntu 16.04.1 is out with improvements to software installation and low-graphics mode

Canonical will support Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with updates until 2020.

CodeWeavers CrossOver for Android running on a Chromebook

Chromebooks can run Windows software with CrossOver for Android

It's now possible to install Steam and Windows-only games on your Chromebook. Using CrossOver for Android, a Windows compatibility layer runs on an Android compatibility layer.


Ubuntu's Unity desktop shows the limits of Windows 10's Bash shell

Ubuntu's Unity desktop doesn't run properly on Windows 10, and neither do many other Linux applications.

Skype for Linux Alpha on Ubuntu 16.04.

Microsoft is replacing Skype’s ancient Linux client with a web app (sort of)

Skype for Linux Alpha is based on Skype for Web, and Microsoft's active development of the client will benefit users of Chromebooks as well as Linux.

Linux Mint 18's default desktop background image.

Linux Mint 18 is here, but Linux Mint 17.3 users can't upgrade just yet

The first new major release of Linux Mint in two years features Ubuntu 16.04 underpinnings and a host of new features, while work on Linux Mint 18.1 is already underway.

Skype for Web placing an audio call on a Chromebook.

Chromebooks can now make voice calls with Skype for Web

Video calls aren't here yet, but audio calls work well.

amd radeon rx 480 primary

AMD has you covered: Its new Linux graphics driver already supports the Radeon RX 480

It’s available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and SteamOS, but it only supports newer hardware.

inteldevilscanyon primary 100309249 large

End of an era: Linux distributions will soon stop supporting 32-bit PCs

Linux 32-bit support is going away. According to developers, it's too much hassle to support, for a decreasing numbers of users. “I know some people passionately enjoy their old 32-bit hardware, but I think now’s the time to consider letting it go,” said OpenSUSe's Richard Brown.

windows 10 hp stream

How to reinstall Windows like a pro

It's super-easy to reinstall Windows 10 or 8, and not much more difficult to reinstall Windows 7. Use these tips to get the most out of a reinstall.

The PlayStation 3 console.

Sony agrees to pay millions for removing Linux support from the PlayStation 3

You’ll be eligible to receive $55 if you used Linux on your PS3, if the settlement is accepted.

Google Play on the ASUS Chromebook Flip.

How Android apps transformed my Asus Chromebook Flip into an entirely new device

Chromebooks become much more powerful with full access to Google Play.

Fedora 24's default wallpaper.

Fedora 24 arrives with GNOME 3.20 and under-the-hood improvements

The Linux distribution known for innovation doesn't yet feature Wayland as its default display server, but it could by the next release.

ubuntu snappy

Ubuntu’s 'Snap' packages may be the future of software installation on every Linux PC

Snap packages will make it easier for developers, allowing them to code once for a variety of Linux distributions.

Linux Mint 18's default desktop background image.

Linux Mint 18 'Sarah' is now in beta, with a final release expected soon

Linux Mint 18 includes a move to an Ubuntu 16.04 base, adoption of the controversial systemd, and improvements to the desktop.