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Convergence on a Ubuntu tablet

Canonical delivers on convergence with the Bq Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition

Canonical's first Ubuntu tablet ever can run your Linux desktop applications.

Laptop running KDE Neon

KDE Neon offers the latest and greatest KDE software on a stable Ubuntu base

It's not a Linux distribution, but it's practically a new Ubuntu flavor.

The Chrome Web Store's main storefront

Google's Chrome Web Store lists malicious Chrome apps ahead of legit extensions

The Chrome Web Store is more interested in pushing Chrome apps than giving users the best search results.

ubuntu t shirt

Ubuntu's Secure Boot support vulnerability threatens even Windows PCs

Canonical is working on a fix for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but its old bootloaders will remain a problem.

ubuntu tablet

Bq's Ubuntu tablet could showcase long-awaited desktop-mobile convergence

Bq's tablet will be the first Ubuntu tablet, and the first chance for Linux fans to experience desktop-mobile convergence, with Canonical's Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, due to ship at the same time.


Valve adds Bluetooth, Xbox One Elite controller support to SteamOS

That Bluetooth support means you can use Sony’s DualShock 4 controller with a Steam Machine.

oculus rift consumer june 11 2015

Why Linux gamers shouldn't preorder the Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift has the cachet, but it doesn't have Linux support yet. Better options for Linux gamers may come from competitors on the horizon.

remix os primary

What Remix OS means for Android on PCs

Jide’s Remix OS brings multitasking, windows, and a taskbar to Android, and you can run it on a PC. Even in alpha, the fledgling OS is an intriguing look at what could be.

angry linux

Don't believe the hype: That GRUB backspace bug wasn't a big deal

True, the GRUB bug wasn’t great, but most Linux users don’t use or need a GRUB password at all.

linux android ubuntu

Linux love and Steam Machines: The World Beyond Windows' 10 biggest stories of 2015

From Steam Machines to Chrome OS confusion to Linux getting love—and staying awesome—these are the biggest stories from the World Beyond Windows in 2015.

librem 13 linux laptop

Purism's Librem 13 laptop will come with Qubes OS installed

The security-focused operating system and freedom-loving laptop manufacturer seem made for each other.

welcome to gnome software on fedora

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will dump the Ubuntu Software Center for GNOME Software

Users will get a more modern software hub in place of the neglected and deteriorating Software Center.

ubuntu online search results

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS won't send local searches over the web by default

The Unity 8 desktop isn't ready yet, but all Ubuntu users will soon benefit from its more privacy-friendly approach.


Linux Mint 17.3 'Rosa' offers Linux Mint's most polished desktop experience yet

While other Linux operating systems dabble in cutting-edge features, Linux Mint 17.3 relentlessly focuses on the desktop experience.

swift logo

Apple's Swift programming language is now open-source and available on Linux

Apple's Swift now supports Linux, but don't think you'll be playing iOS games on Ubuntu anytime soon.