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Christopher Nerney is a freelance technology writer living in upstate New York. Chris began his writing career in newspapers before joining Network World in 1996. He went on to become executive editor of several IT management sites for, including Datamation and eSecurity Planet. Chris is a regular blogger at ITworld, where he has written about tech business and now writes about science/tech research. Chris also covers big data and analytics as a freelancer for Data Informed. When he’s not writing, editing or spending time with his wife and three children, Chris performs original music and covers in bars, coffeehouses and on the streets around Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

The Sad Lives of Smartphone Slaves

Too many people experience life through tiny device screen, and that ain't living.


Zynga Moves to Reduce Facebook Dependence

Social games maker will allow users to play directly on


Facebook's Troubling Trend Down Under

Time spent by Australians on social networking site down 21% over past year.

Why Aren't Other SOPA Supporters Being Punished Like GoDaddy?

Domain registrar continues to bleed customers despite recanting of support.

Viacom Targets Another Cable Company for Streaming to iPads

Broadcaster sues Cablevision Systems for streaming programs to iPads and other non-TV devices


MySpace Shifts from 'Sale' to 'Partnership'

Analysis: Finding few prospective buyers, News Corp. is now shopping Myspace for partners.

Guy Uses 'Hidden' Software, Social Media to Retrieve Stolen MacBook

Suspect arrested in Oakland was photographed by laptop camera, outed on Tumblr

Top 5 Social Media Security Threats

Organizations face real risks to using social media, ranging from damaging the brand to exposing proprietary information to inviting lawsuits.

Carol Bartz: From Blustery to Bizarre

Yahoo CEO 'insists' on getting credit for something that hasn't happened

Social Networks Distract at Work. Seriously.

Analysis: A survey finds Facebook and Twitter hurt work productivity (cue outcry from social media "gurus").

Relentless Facebook Self-Promoters are Narcissists

A study confirms what Facebook friends of narcissists already knew (and don't 'like').

Is the iPhone Over?

Latest market-share data, forecasts show Apple's breakthrough smartphone stalling out


Windows Phone 7 Mania Peaks at 9%

Microsoft mobile OS market share dips from November, according to comScore



How Apple Played Hard to Get and Seduced Businesses

There was a time when you wouldn't mention the words "Apple" and "enterprise" in the same breath.

Time Warner iPad TV App Draws Interest -- and Lawsuits

Analysis: Media platforms are converging. If something can be streamed to a device, it will be. Can litigation actually slow this progress?