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Christina is a contributor to media outlets such as,,, Auto Trader and The Minneapolis Star Tribune. She writes about a myriad of topics including technology, the automotive industry and health and fitness. Her talents outside of writing include photography, getting people to talk (although that certainly helps with writing) and gardening.

Google, LG to announce new Nexus phone

LG may not be the only electronics manufacturer to unveil a Nexus phone, according to a report that says several phone makers will get a turn at making a Nexus device.

Barnes & Noble drops price of Nook with GlowLight e-reader by $20

The Nook with GlowLight, slashed to $119 from $139, is now the same price as the Kindle Paperwhite, which Amazon introduced earlier this month.

PlaceRaider app lets phone camera spy on people

The software even shuts off the phone's speaker so someone being spied on doesn't hear the typical sound a device emits when a photo is taken.

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite explained in new video

The online retailer introduced the gadget earlier this month, and it has generated strong interest.

Gotye remix blends music with video technology

A HP Scanjet 3C somehow sits in for the vocals. Two hard drives pull off drums and a cymbal. And a xylophone is controlled by a PIC16F84A microcontroller.

'Jetsons' turns 50: Technology dreamers' window to future

While we don't yet have flying cars with bubble gas transporting people around, robots that walk and talk and so-called "roadable aircraft" do exist.


Data centers are big polluters, report says

Review shows huge numbers for an industry that often puts forth an image of environmental friendliness.

Facebook still a haven for criminals

Idiotic people who use the popular social networking service while committing crimes are rather common.

Spotify expected to switch up its game

The popular music streaming service is reportedly adding a web-based version, better discovery, and a cheaper mobile subscription.


Amazon to allow ads opt-out on Kindle Fire HD for $15 upcharge

Making tablet buyers as happy as possible is a good play considering the competitive landscape, particularly amid the popularity of Apple's iPad.

How the feds are tracking us

Evidence and examples are mounting of the myriad ways the government, law enforcement, and even private companies are monitoring our activities.

Airlines prepare to adopt Apple iOS6 Passport features

Apple's mobile operating system can automatically retrieve a boarding pass when a traveler arrives and zap payment when stopping at Starbuck's.

5 Entertaining iPhone 5 Videos

They’re fake, possibly offensive, and will probably draw a laugh, but don’t watch these videos of creative speculation if you can’t take a joke.

Wolfram Alpha Facebook App Distills Wealth of Your Personal Data

The answer engine has created a new tool that will dig into your Facebook account and tell you things such as when and where you were born and even what the weather was like then.

Walmart Experiments With iPhone App Checkout System

The iPhone app would streamline the process of using self-checkout terminals for in-store shoppers and takes another step toward the MCX mobile-payments network.