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Christina is a contributor to media outlets such as,,, Auto Trader and The Minneapolis Star Tribune. She writes about a myriad of topics including technology, the automotive industry and health and fitness. Her talents outside of writing include photography, getting people to talk (although that certainly helps with writing) and gardening.


Another Crook Caught Because of Posting on Facebook

Social networking's lure proves too much even for criminals with something to hide -- which they reveal online.

Apple Patent That Could Mess With Data Profilers a Good Sign

It's a beautiful thought for Internet, computer and mobile users worried about the troublesome profiling of consumer data that's so rampant.

Mass Effect 3 Gets Expanded Ending Sequence; Available June 26

The free downloadable content pack is for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

Google Doodle Honors British Mathematician with Brain Game

If you're itching to get some binary action of your own, head over to Google's homepage where the cryptic doodle honoring the late Alan Turing lies in wait for you to figure out.

36-Year-Old Apple Computer Sells for $374,500

The vintage Apple-1 keeps growing in value from its original $666.66 price tag; a note from Steve Jobs also drew interest at auction.

Online Activity Can Signal Depression, Study Says

Researchers found that the more a participant's survey score indicates depression, the more the person's Internet usage includes sharing files like movies and music.

Google Doodle: Newspaper, Coffee, and Hug Make for Good Father's Day

The search giant's website Sunday features a special doodle with a theme just for dads to mark their special day.

Draw Something Mobile Game Aims for Prime Time TV

The popular mobile and social game is reportedly coming to TV as a game show, where home audiences can compete with celebrities and show off their artistic skills.

Apple iOS 6 Rumored to Include Podcasts App

Getting its own turf will likely be a boon to both the people who consume Podcasts, as well as those who broadcast them.

10 Terrible Tech Laws That Have You in Their Bull's-Eye

Think what Congress and state legislatures do is boring? Read on to see what Internet and/or privacy rights you might lose if some of this misguided legislation passes.

5 'Evil Siri' Videos That May Make You Chuckle

This genre imagines the dark side of Siri, nodding to the Terminator mentality that someday the world really be taken over by computers. Even iPhone fans may laugh.

Apple's New Research Complex to Have Massive Underground Auditorium

Drawings show the auditorium will include not only a stage, backstage, and seating area, but also a massive circular exhibition area.

Google Defends Against Claims of Rigged Search Results

A recent blog posted by the Internet search leader came in response to a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece in which Nextag CEO Jeffrey Katz slammed the company and its practices.

Facebook Claims on Policy Change Vote Turnout Stir Image Problem

Users have been complaining loudly that notice wasn't displayed on the main page of the site and criticize the one-week voting period as being inadequate.

Apple TV Set Rumors Get Louder

Apple already has a set-top box, but has been mum on when it might produce its own TV, though that hasn't stopped technology publications from weighing in.