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Christina is a contributor to media outlets such as,,, Auto Trader and The Minneapolis Star Tribune. She writes about a myriad of topics including technology, the automotive industry and health and fitness. Her talents outside of writing include photography, getting people to talk (although that certainly helps with writing) and gardening.

Google's St. Patrick's Day Doodle Skips the Shamrocks

The Book of Kells inspired this year's artist -- and Google renews its invitation to students to submit their own doodles for future use.

Apple Factory Scrutiny Likely to Continue Despite Critic's Fabrications

Attention comes with the territory for the wildly successful consumer electronics maker, but the episode also shows the dangers of when you hit too high and miss.

Apple's Spaceship-like Headquarters to be Shrouded by Trees

New drawings show the landscaping at the Cupertino, California campus will be extensive.

4 Things You May Not Know About the New iPad

Here are answers to burning questions such as when pre-orders will be available, which mobile carriers will offer service on the device, and what it is going to be called.

17 Brand-New Business Gadgets

iPad 3 'Frankenslate' Assembled Ahead of Apple Media Event

The website M.I.C. Gadget has gotten its hands on what it says is a pile of iPad 3 components.

Mobile Phone Jamming Draws Attention

Researchers at Cornell University found that hearing half of someone's conversation distracts people and can actually lower their cognitive ability.

Google 'Assistant' Reportedly Will Surpass Siri

The feature will apparently be personalized and make use of Google's data collection regarding how people behave online.

Apple Reaches 25 Billion Downloads From Its App Store

It's a mind-boggling number, especially when you consider the world's population is now at 7 billion.

12 Ways to Make Your Online Profile Work for You

Proactively managing your online persona is a must if you're serious about your career.

10 Facebook Tips For Not Annoying Friends

An unusual decree by a judge in a divorce case raises the issue about what's appropriate, and what's not, on social networks.

Google+ Workaround Found By Chinese Critical of Internet Censorship

Governments can put up all the roadblocks they want to keep their people from communicating freely, but crafty technology buffs often find a way to break through those barriers.

The Cloud Gets More Awesome with New Offers

Dropbox, Box and others announce enhancements such as automatic uploads and free storage to lure you onto their particular cloud.

Apple Soars on Many Fronts as Thorny Worker Issue Fades

Cash rich, chummy with would-be rivals, and selling lots of gadgets, all seems right in the world of this consumer electronics powerhouse these days.

The Truth About the March 8 Internet Doomsday

While it's true some users may lose their Internet access next month, it's not the FBI's fault and there's still time to remove the malware that may cause a problem.