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Explaining IPhoto Library Size Discrepancy

Reader Will Carter seeks insight into a suspicious iPhoto Library storage discrepancy. He writes:

Lyrics Licensed but With Limitations

Last August I wrote about the changing landscape of free lyrics. As detailed in that story, LyricWiki offered an API that allowed applications (including iPhone...

Speed-up IMovie Clips

Andy Milder (aka Dean Hodes on Showtime's Weeds), sends this question:

Shifting Large Media Libraries

Reader Remo seeks a way to store media files in a location other than a user's Home folder. He writes:

Sonos ZonePlayer S5

I've made no secret of my love for the Sonos Multi-room Music System ( Macworld rated 5 out of 5 mice ), a system designed to let you listen to your music all...

Virtualization and IPhone Jailbreaks

In all the hubbub surrounding the release of new Macs you may have missed the Windows 7 release. Yeah, yeah, we're Mac users and so who cares? Well, if you're...

Power and the International Mac

Internationalist Paul Carpenter asks a question commonly posed by modern border-crossers. He writes:

VHS Capture Tools Compared

Many people of a certain age have--hidden away among a lifetime of possessions--a large carton brimming with VHS tapes. Like all taped-based media, these tapes...

Hands On: IPhone and IPod Touch Remote Controls

Despite the release of the 3.0 software, the Apple TV is not Apple's most capable media player. In my opinion, the Mac mini remains Apple's best AV device.


Hardware Remotes for Your Media Center Mac

The remote control (previously white, now aluminum) once bundled with many of Apple's computers is now a $19 option. Handy as it is to control a Mac connected to...

Supporting Your Family

I'm the tech support person for my extended family. My guess is that because you're reading this blog, you fill that same role.

IPhone and IPod Touch Remote Controls

Getting up from your couch to "change the channel" on your Mac-based media center is so 1970s. If you're going to the trouble to mutate a Mac into something that...

Upgrading a MacBook Pro's Hard Drive

Reader Tim Phillips faces a common upgrade dilemma. He writes:

Eight Steps to Internet Unpopularity

After a particularly trying weekend moderating the Macworld forums, it occurred to me that there are a handful of ways to become an Internet pariah in a very...