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Chris has covered technology and media since the latter days of the Reagan Administration. In addition to his journalistic endeavors, he's a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Syncing Multiple Google Calendars to IPhone

Reader Drew Lincoln is interested in syncing Google calendars to his iPhone. He writes:


Gifts for Media Lovers

Two weeks ago, Ben Long and I talked about holiday gifts for photographers. Today Macworld senior editor Dan Frakes and I discuss gifts for the media mavens in...


Speeding up Your Mac

Keith Trevolt, a reader who has switched from a Windows PC to the Mac, has a general maintenance question. I have some specific suggestions. He writes:

Gifts for Photographers

Thanksgiving's over, December has arrived, and that means we're marching into the thick of the holiday season. Given that, in this episode we look at a class of...


Troubleshooting Talk

There are times when your Mac or iPhone or iPod touch or iPad or Apple TV just don't work the way you want them to. But if you're a long time Mac user, think...

Back to the Mac Reaction

Apple's Back to the Mac event was the highlight of our (and presumably your) Wednesday. During the event Apple introduced iLife '11, FaceTime for the Mac, Mac OS...

Five Things to Do With Your Old Apple TV

That silver-topped, hard-drive bearing, Tiger-running, heat-emanating Apple TV from yesteryear has been replaced by today's $99 black, 8GB-of-flash-memory...

Five Fantastic Address Book Tips

When you think of Apple's most intriguing applications, it's unlikely Address Book springs to mind. It offers anything but the sexiness of an iLife or iWork...

IPhones and IPads in Business and Education

Apple is pushing its mobile devices in a big way. And because it is, we're starting to see changes in how businesses and educators incorporate these devices into...

App Guidelines and Ping

This week, Macworld held its onsite off-site--an all-too-rare gathering of the entire Macworld staff. (Many of us work remotely.) In this week's episode of the...


Reviewing Apple's IPods

Apple's new iPods are now on sale to the general public, but we've had ours for a week. In that time, we're run them through their paces for our comprehensive...

Music Events, Media Converters, and GarageBand

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we're now producing episodes of the Macworld Podcast each and every week. This gives us the freedom to experiment with the...


Apple and Sustainable Living

Although I had a perfectly fine education, I blame that education for my yearly need to describe what I did on my summer vacation.