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Un-minimize Windows via Keyboard Command

Reader Brad Dahr is annoyed that the Mac's Minimize command appears to be a one-way street. He writes:


Expectations and the Apple Event

Apple has confirmed what's been rumored for weeks--a September 9th music event. Anyone who follows Apple and its musical ventures understands that September...

A Utopian Musical Future One Step Closer?

For nearly as long as the iPod's existed, I've written about where that device may one day take us--with the ultimate destination being All Music, All the Time...

Kodak Zx1

When Kodak released the Zi6 ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ), its ease of use and very good video quality raised the bar and expectations for pocket HD...


Snow Leopard Makes Strides in Accessibility

Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) introduced a host of features that made using a Mac easier for people with physical disabilities. Among its key improvements was VoiceOver...


Dealing With a Full Hard Drive

Reader Matthew Mitchell feels the walls closing in. He writes:

Cure for the Non-working Number Pad

Reader Gordon Whitney finds the right fifth of his keyboard strangely unresponsive. He writes:

Logic Express 9 Released

True to its promise, Apple has released its mid-level music creation application, Logic Express 9. The application, like previous versions of Logic Express...


Genius G-Shot HD520

With its $139 price, the G-Shot HD520 pocket high-definition (HD) camcorder from Genius is more affordable than its competitors, such as the $200 Flip UltraHD (...


The End of Free Lyrics?

Something interesting happened to albums in the mid-60s. (No, not double-album covers and their utilitarian use.) With artists such as Bob Dylan, The Beatles...

Streaming Large Movies

Reader Michael Quinn has a lot of questions regarding a single movie. He writes:

Cut the Cable Bill

Choice is great, but too many choices (and paying for them all) is a hard sell in a tough economy. Take your cable or satellite TV service, for example. Of the...

Sony Webbie MHS-PM1

It's hard to think about camcorders without thinking about Sony, whose standard-sized camcorders have a devoted following. So it's not surprising to see that...


Beyond HandBrake's Defaults

If you're a Mac user interested in ripping your commercial DVDs to a format playable on an Apple TV, iPod, or iPhone, the free video transcoder, HandBrake 0.9.3...

Eliminating a Word Macro Virus

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous has acquired a Word cootie and is at a loss as how to deal with it. Anonymous Person writes: