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Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10

High-definition (HD) pocket camcorders, once a rare gadget represented by Kodak's Zi6 ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ) and Pure Digital's Flip MinoHD (...


The Democratization of Digital Downloads

iTunes and AmazonMP3 are terrific music resources, but in some ways they're simply the digital equivalent of big-box record stores of the past. They tell you...

Put Spare Hard Drives to Work

Reader Bill Robertson, like a lot of us, has accumulated quite a collection of hard drives. He writes:

Autofill and Keeping Podcasts

Crossing the streams a bit today, I have a Mac 911 kind of question that deals with a Playlist kind of subject. Nick Hyde's tale of woe goes something like this:...

ICal and Shifting Time Zones

Reader Eric Brown has unwillingly traveled in time and is displeased. He writes:


Turbo.264 HD

Today's Macs are miracles of speed and efficiency, but there are particular tasks that can take seemingly forever. One of those tasks is encoding and converting...

First Look: Radio Gaga

By now you're surely aware that the Internet is a popular way to listen to radio--terrestrial and, of course, Internet-based. You may also be aware that in...

A Survivor's Guide to Family Mac Upgrades

While pacing the office floor, wracking my brain for something to fill this space, I found this note slipped under the door:

Boxee: On Beyond Hulu

Boxee, the media center application that gathers together multiple streaming sources into a single interface, received a lot of attention a few months ago. And...

Archiving Items via a Keyboard Shortcut

Reader Walter Lenk has hit a small bump in the transition from Tiger to Leopard. He writes:


IMac and the Constantly Ejected CDs

Reader Linda Gardner seeks a cure for a cantankerous media drive. She writes:

First Look: Zinc Internet Video Browser

Those wishing to unplug from expensive cable and satellite TV services are increasingly turning to video content streamed across the Web. Media center...

Cataloging Mail by Date

Reader Kent Pletcher is a generally heppy ket with his move from Microsoft Entourage to Apple's Mail. He has one concern, however, that goes like this:

All About Laptops

What with all the hubbub about the iPhone 3GS and just as much hub (though a little less bub) regarding Snow Leopard, it's easy to forget that Apple opened the...

Cooliris Even Cooler

Cooliris, the visually-enthralling free browser plug-in that allows you to navigate through online photos and video via a 3-D image wall, has been updated to...